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April 25, 2015

Matcha Mille Crêpes with Hazelnut Cream 抹茶榛子奶油千层蛋糕

Matcha Mille Crêpes with Hazelnut Cream

It's always expensive to buy Mille Crêpes so I decided to experiment on my own. Coincidentally I found the link shared by others and so here's my version. This was my first try but it was successful!! *hurray*
I added hazelnut flavor (hazelnut meal) to the whipping cream. You may even do a plain vanilla flavor crêpes to replace the Matcha flavor crêpes if you're not a fan of it.

Recipe serves 8
For the crêpes:
240g cup low protein flour
4 large eggs
650ml milk
50g unsalted butter, melted
2 tablespoons Matcha powder (10g)
90g caster sugar
A pinch of salt
Vegetable oil (for

For the cream:
600ml heavy cream, whipped
80g caster sugar
5 tablespoons Hazelnut meal (optional)
Few drops of vanilla essence

To garnish:
Matcha powder (to sieve onto the surface)

Method (For the crêpes):
1. Combine the low protein flour, caster sugar and salt until well mixed.
2. Add in the eggs, blend into the mixture.
3. While whisking the eggs into the mixture, add in the milk, 1/3 of the amount each time.
4. Melt the butter and add into the batter. Stir gently until smooth.
5. Filter again the batter with a sieve. Then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour.
6. Place a nonstick or crepe pan over medium heat. Using a silicone brush, coat the pan with a little butter. I use my Happy Call Pan to ease the flipping over of the crepe.
7. Pour in some batter into the pan using a ladle. Lift, tilt and rotate the pan so that the batter forms an even, very thin layer.
8. Cook about 20 seconds, then turn the crêpe over and cook for another 8-10 seconds. Remove the crêpe to cool down.
9. Continue cooking the rest of the crêpes until batter finished. If you use a 26cm diameter pan, you may yield approximately 21 pcs of crêpes. Align and stack up the crêpes while they're warm, and cover with a piece of clean cloth and wait for them to cool down.

Method (For the cream):
1. Prepare the whipping cream. Add in caster sugar and vanilla essence.
2. Whisk until it thickens and almost stiff.
3. Add in the hazelnut meal, then stir until complete incorporated. (optional)
4. Cool and refrigerate.

Method (To assemble the crêpes):
*As I'm using the Happy Call Pan, the batter yielded about 18 pcs of crêpes.
1. Separate the crêpes one by one after completely cool down. Stack and align them, then trim the stack per your desired size.
2. Lay a piece of crêpes on a cake plate. Using an icing spatula, completely cover with a thin layer of the cream. Cover with another piece of crêpe and repeat to complete the stack. Mine is 18 layers in total.
3. Chill for at least 3 hours. Sieve the Matcha powder onto the surface, cut and serve cold.

Original recipe from Amandatastes.com 文字版菜谱(取自曼食曼语
*You may find the link to her tutorial in Youtube for better guidance*




1. 把低筋面粉,抹茶粉,细砂糖和盐混合均匀
2. 打入鸡蛋,用蛋抽把鸡蛋打散,同时和面粉混合
3. 一边搅拌一边分3次倒入牛奶拌匀
4. 把黄油融化后倒入,轻轻搅拌面糊至基本顺滑
5. 将面糊过筛,盖上保鲜膜放入冰箱冷藏至少一小时
6. 找一口平底不粘锅,开小火预热一会儿,准备一小碟油和一个刷子,在锅底薄薄地刷上一层油
7. 倒入适量面糊,并立即摇晃锅子使面糊摊成均匀的圆形薄饼
8. 小火煎约20秒,待面糊表面凝固后用手翻面,再煎8-10秒即可出锅
9. 一直重复直至面糊用完,用口径26cm的锅子,煎出21张可丽饼。煎好的饼趁热平铺整齐地叠放好,盖上一块干净的布,放凉待用
10. 往鲜奶油中倒入细砂糖和香草精,隔冰块打发,至奶油表面呈现纹路,但还有一点流动性时停止
11. 将冷却的可丽饼一张张分开,再取几张叠在一起,扣一个小盘子作为参照,切掉不整齐的边
12. 取一张饼,铺上打发奶油,用刮刀抹平,再叠上下一张,依次进行直至完成千层蛋糕
13. 放入冰箱冷藏至少3小时,取出筛上抹茶粉,用锋利的刀切块即可

1. 可丽饼基础面糊有个大概的体积配比,面粉:牛奶:鸡蛋:黄油约为2:3:1:0.5。记住液体是面粉的两倍多一点就行了,具体牛奶,鸡蛋,黄油的比例可以略有变化
2. 面糊冷藏后再煎会让煎饼更柔软,如有少许疙瘩也会在冷藏后消失
3. 前两张煎饼不会那么完美,注意保持小火,每次下锅面糊的量尽量一致
4. 注意翻面的时机,要等到表面完全干掉才不会翻破
5. 打发奶油时注意不要打过头,太稀可以用刮刀多抹一会儿,若不小心打过头可以混入适量未打发的奶油补救
6. 组装好的蛋糕要冷藏定型后才会切得整齐

**I removed the layer of Match powder before serving to my girl


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