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April 16, 2015

Japanese Cheesecake with Philips AirFryer

This round I tried experimenting the Philips AirFryer with another of my favorite cheesecake. I followed exactly the ingredients and instructions in Christine's Recipe, except the baking temperature and baking time due to different oven used. They turned out to be fluffy and creamy as expected!!!

Before the first batch cooled down, 4 cupcakes already gone missing... I chilled and refrigerated all and today they taste even better!

Recipe makes around 28 mini cupcakes.
(I made 24 mini cupcakes + 1 small baking pan size block)

250 ml milk
250 gm cream cheese, cubed and softened at room temperature
60 gm butter, softened at room temperature
6 egg yolks
55 gm cake flour
20 gm corn flour
1 lemon zest
6 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
130 gm caster sugar

Tips: Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature before you start.

**Preheat the Philips AirFryer to 150deg C for about 5 minutes.
1. Use a large bowl, pour in milk. Place the bowl over simmering water. Don’t let the bottom of the bowl touch the water. Add cream cheese, stir occasionally, until completely dissolved and the mixture turns smooth (double boil method).
2. Stir in butter, till dissolved. Remove from heat. 
3. Let cool down a bit, then add the egg yolks and combine well. (Note: Make sure the mixture is not too hot to avoid cooking the egg yolks at this stage.)
4. Combine cake flour and corn flour. Sift in the flours into the cream cheese mixture, a small amount at a time. Mix well between every addition, and make sure there aren’t any flour lumps. Stir in freshly grated zest. Set aside.
5. Place egg whites in a large clean bowl. (Note: Make sure there’s no oil or water in the bowl at all.) Use an electric mixer to beat the egg whites for 3 minutes, then add cream of tartar and blend again. Pour sugar in the egg whites and blend until very stiff peaks form. Use highest speed.
6. Fold-in the egg whites into the cream cheese mixture gently with a rubber spatula.
7. For a better result, fold in egg whites with a small amount at a time, at least for 3 times.
8. Fold-in just until all ingredients are incorporated. Do not stir or beat.  

Bake with pan
Pour the mixture into a small baking pan. I use a baking pan which can fit into the Philips AirFryer. I add hot water in the lower tray up to the level near the mesh metal basket (water-bath method). Bake for 15-20 minutes. Test with a needle or skewer that comes out clean. Slide out the basket and leave it 5 minutes. Remove the cake from the pan. Let it cool completely on a wire rack, then chill in the fridge for hours. I chilled overnight.

Baking into cupcakes
For the remaining mixture, I baked into small cupcakes. Test with a needle or skewer that comes out clean. Slide out the basket and leave it 5 minutes for each batch (one batch yields about 7 cupcakes). Cool completely on a wire rack, then chill in the fridge.

Side note:
Some of the cakes shrink a little due to rapid cooling for certain batch.. But overall the surface didn't crack. :)


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I have made this cheesecake but do not know it is Chinese cheesecake. I have to admit that my professional cooking has been improved a lot with an air fryer. With air fryer, I have more desire to search for new and complicated recipes as well as spending more time for home cooking. Air fryer saves my time a lot then I will not get into trouble with my work even though I cook a lot. Great appliance ever in my kitchen.

I have read your page. thank's for tips & sharing. I like Japanese Cheesecake. Most informative. I was not aware of this cooking method. I love the food at all difficult to handle temptation. Thank you so much.

I tried your recipe..
its great..
but why did my cake rise very nicely when it was just taken out of the oven but sank terribly when it cooled?
what did I do wrong?

Lilian, I think it's normal to sink after taken out from the oven. Mine also the same... Only a few didn't sank. I think it's because of the temperature issue. Some said you should leave the cake in the oven for some time before take out. And I think the others use conventional oven instead of Philips Airfryer, so it will have different outcome... That's my thought. :)

Princess Cheryl, thanks for your opinion.
I see. i will try it once again.

This recipe it looks super yummy.
I have tried it once and all my family loves it…the taste is perfect not too sweet not too plain…all perfect.
Thanks for sharing.

I really enjoyed reading on this article. I hope that other readers will also experience how I feel after reading your article. Thank you so much.

I just tried this yummy recipe from your blog and it has come out really yummy!! :)
This is my first cake and I am quite happy with the outcome...
Thanks for sharing this easy recipe :)

Wow, yummy!
i love nice Cupcakes, thanks for sharing this method. I will try it. Thank's for share it.

Your cheesecake looks great, Princess Cheryl! I will try it and hope my family would like it, thanks for recipe!

Thanks for the share!

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