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August 8, 2014

How to choose the right perfume Malaysia for you?

Author: Aini Shah

Selecting the right perfume scent could be quite tricky as you would want the perfect smell to shoe your personality. Besides that, you will want to smell amazing in front of others and receive positive compliments on your perfume selection. The first thing to do before purchasing the perfume which will suit you is by knowing the basics. The basics is the knowledge of the types of scent categories a perfume falls under such as floral, green, oceanic and wood. Women tend to have a hard time sniffing various types of fragrance as people will remember you for it. It is a personal choice which reflects your personality especially on the first encounter.

Floral scent perfumes reveal a flower smell such as rose, lily, jasmine or lavender for women who prefer a light scented fragrance. This type of scent is suitable for the ladies who want to portray a feminine as well as romantic personality. The soft scent will definitely expose an elegant side of you in front of others. Meanwhile, the green scented perfumes are more of an organic smell consisting of fresh grass smell, lemon grass or fruits. The natural organic smells are perfect for the ladies who love simplicity and smelling fresh all day long. While the oceanic scent for women are a bit more masculine and with hints of spices and citrus smells in it.

After you have discovered the right choice of scent which matches with your personality, test the scent by spraying it onto your wrist or better yet the fragrance strips provided on the counter. Leave it on for a while and smell the final scent as it absorbs into your skin. If you have brought a friend along, ask his or her honest opinion before actually purchasing the product. However, if you do not have the time to do your perfume shopping, Zalora is an online store which offers various local and international perfume brands for their customers. Read the description and experiment a new smell for you by shopping online for perfume Malaysia.


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