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August 19, 2014

Homemade steam cake in 15 minutes


It's time for some homemade delicacies for my little princess again!

I love the simple to prepare recipes without fuss. Nowadays the little girl seems to run around faster than me, so it's quite tiring for me to keep her out of kitchen...

Tonight I made this super easy steam cake for her, can be served as breakfast tomorrow morning. Done in15 minutes.

Ingredients: 8tbs (scrape off with knife, else 4 tbs full*) self-raising flour, 4 tbs milk/soy milk, 1 tbs caster sugar and 1 tbs Milo powder

1. Measure the flour, milk and sugar in a bowl then mix well.
2. Add in Milo powder afterwards and stir in circle motion to create marble-like pattern.
3. Pour the mixed ingredients into a medium size bowl then steam for 15 minutes.
4. Check if the cake is done by poking a chopstick into it. If it's not sticky then it's done.

My Milo steam cake!

The texture is medium soft and a bit moist. But the moisture will slowly vaporize after leave it for some time. So it will not become too hard and crusty after exposed in air.

Instead of serving as breakfast she has eaten off quarter of it! Hmm...slightly heavy supper eh?


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