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August 11, 2014

Homemade ice-cream without any machine


What is the fastest way to get an ice-cream? DIY at home! In just 5 minutes. 

Yes, just 5 minutes! You didn't hear me wrong.

All the while I kept searching for no-churn recipe and still it took me quite some preparation time of at least 30 minutes. And I was tired with all the washing afterwards...

And then, I came across an article days ago, and this method totally blown off my mind. *claps!!*

Only 5 minutes to get a few servings of ice-cream! So here is the recipe, I've successfully made it tonight and we've just finished it.

Ingredients and tools:
Ice cubes, full cream milk/fresh milk, a plastic container with cover, a breast milk storage bag/zip lock bag, 6 teaspoon of salt, some sugar for sweetening

Yes that's all you need!

1. Fill up the breast milk storage bag or zip lock bag with 200+ml of milk. Add some sugar and slightly stir it. Zip it tight to avoid spillage.

2. Dip the whole bag into the container which has been filled up with ice cubes and the salt. Cover it with more ice cubes.

3. Cover up the container and start shaking up-down-left-right in all directions. Just enjoy shaking it~

4. Shake continuously for 5-10 minutes. The salt will help to further lower the temperature and creating a flash freezing environment. It's amazing! You get to freeze your milk into ice-blended form within 5 minutes.

5. After 5 minutes. Ready to serve!! Have it plain or add toppings.

See how much my little cheeky pie enjoyed it~

The texture is similar to ice-blended smoothie but more solid. Have it a try today!

But make sure you consume it within 5 minutes after served, it melts pretty fast too. :)


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