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June 5, 2014

Yea I AM ONE!! Princess Abigail's 1st birthday

I would just come to realize that this was suppose to be posted 5 months ago! Today my princess Abigail is exactly 17 months old. Wow... I mean WOW... Has she grown so fast???!!! Or have I grown so much older... It was like yesterday when she was still a small baby.

Her full moon

Now the term is TODDLER~ Very soon we're gonna have to pay a lot more for her flight tickets... No more traveling as an infant but as a kid.

Having the first birthday celebration for the first child is definitely a project for the mom. I bet a lot of you have gone through sleepless nights getting the preparation done. I was totally a walking zombie in Dec'14 when getting ready for Abigail's party... a full time working mom + breastfeeding mom + my mom at her final stage of cancer (that was really sad). Days were spent on rushing to work, rushing to hospital, and rushing for the party stuffs. And when I think back, I realize that I was crazy enough to even DIY most of the items!

I came out with the theme of "Safari Princess", where the party was filled with cute pastel color baby animals to accompany my girl the princess. She is one active girl who would not really fit into the normal princess theme, thus I added in the "safari" element.

These were all hand made DIY decorations. Thanks to my aunt, the best aunt on earth I would say, for helping me out with the arts and crafts. Stage deco done by the superb papa and Abigail's uncles on the spot!

And this was the awesome birthday cake made by JooSing from Cupcakes4you!! Highly recommended for those who stay in Penang. Yes it was my idea on the cake design and she made it into an actual cake.

And tadaa~ This is my handmade birthday hat for the princess! Who likes it give me a clap!~

Some snapshots of the birthday girl with friends and family. Thank you all for coming. :)

These photos below are the most precious photos of all time... Mommy we miss you.... We're really glad that you were still able to witness our little girl turning 1 year old.

And the presents... We spent an hour unwrapping them the next day at home.. Phew~

Love you to the max!!!

The mini me :)

Photo credits: LoveMomentsPhotography
Venue: Flamingo Hotel by the Beach, Penang


Nice birthday party! Poor baby girl probably dunno what's going on but this post will be her reference when she grows up. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Waco! How time flies~
Remember you were at our wedding 3 years back! I'm getting so much 'matured' now. Hehehe...

Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Great birthday celebration! Interested to collaborate ? Email me at nurul.aini@zalora.com.my. Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

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