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May 28, 2014

World Vision: Open up your world ~ 你看见我的天空吗?

My sponsor kit has arrived!!

This is probably one of the great decisions I made this year - Sponsor A Child.

What does RM65/month mean to most of us today? Nothing... not even enough to pay for a 4pax family meal am I right? Or maybe a dress or your eye shadow palette? Hmm... 

As a parent, we surely understand the feeling of wanting the best for our children. We do not need a luxury lifestyle, but at least we make sure our children can live healthily without suffering from hunger, and also get appropriate education. 

Somehow poverty made this a struggle for many mothers and fathers. They barely make enough to get by each day. Imagine living in a family that suffers from hunger each day... Children who are suppose to go to school have to beg or work to support their families. I've seen it a lot through my travels... It saddened me so much.

Thus I have come to the decision to lend a helping hand through World Vision last week, at least I've deducted 1 out of the few thousands more children waiting to be sponsored. Latest update as of 26/05/2014 is 4249 children in the waiting list.

Why I chose Cambodia out of the SEA country list?

It was back in year 2009 when I visited Siem Reap. There were children everywhere earning a living for their families. Cambodia is so heavily contaminated with landmines as the aftermath Civil War in Cambodia. A high percentage of the population in Cambodia has been struck down by this mines and causing death and disabilities.

The National Level One Survey in Cambodia conducted in 2002 found that 20% (2776 out of 13908) of all villages in Cambodia are still contaminated by minefields and/or cluster bomb areas with reported adverse socio-economic impacts on the community. These adverse impacts included restrictions on access to agricultural landpasture land, forests, and water resources, with 102,778, 105,707, 172,878 and 84,588 families being affected respectively. A 2004 Cambodia Socio Economic Survey (CSES) noted that households headed by someone with one or more reported disabilities have significantly less wealth than other households. Furthermore, it has been estimated that households headed by a person disabled by war or landmines live in poverty at levels almost three times higher than if the disability was due to other causes.            ....source: Wikipedia 

The photos speak... This is only Siem Reap (so-called town), what about the rural areas?? I cannot imagine...

I am very thankful to be brought up in a loving family. So since my mom has left us to heaven (in March) I am going to help her spread her love to the children in need. She will be pleased I am sure.

If you have extra money to spend each week for an extra cup of coffee, why not give it to the family in need? Your action will change one's life.

For more information on World Vision, check out their pages:
World Vision Malaysia - https://www.worldvision.com.my
World Vision - www.worldvision.org/


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