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February 19, 2014

Withlocals.com - Find the ultimate experience in travelling!

Get Local: new website brings tourists in contact with locals!

Have you ever heard a tourist tell a story about his most memorable travel experience? It soon became clear to me, that the experience with the ‘most local’ touch has the upper hand. Apparently, in this age of many-to-many connections, booking a mass-organized tour is not the dream of a traveller anymore. People worldwide look for one-to-one connections. 

Locals can give a far more intense impression of a country than any guidebook or big tour operator. These days, there are more and more companies which are started in the spirit of ‘social sharing’ such as Airbnb or Couchsurfing. Recently, we found a new platform, called Withlocals. An organization which connects travelers and locals from all over the world, through food and experiences. Locals can offer tours, workshops and even home dinner experiences directly to tourists. 

Withlocals.com gives you the opportunity to explore a city in a whole new way. You can book home dining experiences, activities and tours in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand. 

Win-win situation 

For the locals: They can earn some extra money in a creative and fun way by simply showing or teaching tourists their daily activities. Think about fruit carving in Bali, a lesson in Thailand’s National Sport Muaythai, or go for an authentic home dinner in Vietnam!

For the tourists: It is the ideal way to explore a culture up-close. You will discover non touristic places, of the beaten track! It seems like a cool project to try out ourselves sometime! Definitely worth to check out the site and see what kind of options there are to become a host or guest.

Photo courtesy of Withlocals.com


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