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September 23, 2013

Parenting: Phone apps for baby's first year

As more and more of our friends are promoted to parents, I am also kind of being promoted to become an advisor among the mommies. Midnight chats and SOS calls to help them through their bf journey and maternity rest is also a type of fun and I really enjoy lending a hand~ 

At this modern age where almost every mommy is going into the labour room with iPhone/Samsung in their hand, you should actually explore further on the available apps which can help you in baby's first year. Especially during your maternity rest, you will find yourself having memory shortage and very stressed out for having to remember the feeding and diaper changing frequency.

I was glad that I took some time to explore the related apps during my first week of maternity rest and discovered a few! After few days of trial, I decided to stick to this - My Baby & Me by Philips AVENT.

This apps enables you to track the following items and put into statistics and save the data. 

Then you can always check back your baby's last feeding/sleeping/diaper change. Very helpful for new mommies in scheduling the sessions even if you are alone with limited support during the second month of your maternity rest.

Besides this, you can also keep track of your baby's special moments by sequence. Keeping record of your baby's milestones is very heartwarming. You may share it with your friends and family later on.

Furthermore there are also tips and advice for first time mommies to refer to, from pregnancy to baby's 1+ year, e.g. pregnancy diet, returning to work, and establishing baby's routine, etc...


Another series of apps that I had started using since pregnancy are What To Expect | Pregnancy & Baby and What To Expect Baby Tracker. I found this What To Expect | Pregnancy & Baby apps very helpful throughout my pregnancy, and it cleared most of my doubts week by week. For new fathers who are lazy to flip through books on pregnancy, they will like this apps as it provides concise summary on weekly basis about baby's development and changes on the mother. Understand and provide good support to the new mommy is very important, it will create a good start of family bonding before childbirth.

As for What To Expect Baby Tracker apps, there are guidelines to month-by-month development of the baby, so you may read ahead what is predicted next in his/her milestone so that you'll not be too surprised on the changes.

Another interesting feature that is available in this apps is the Feeding. This is quite useful for new mommies in the first month to monitor the baby's feeding trend. You can even time your feeding by breast! Haha~

These are my personal experience and preference, you might find a lot more similar apps and maybe you will discover other apps which are even more powerful and user friendly.

So mommies, what are you still waiting for? Grab the apps and try out today. And don't forget to share if you find new tools too!

mommy Cheryl


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