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September 5, 2013

Parenting: Bath tubs

Interesting topic?

How many new moms or dads dare to bathe your little baby right after discharged from the hospital? I guess majority of the answers will be granny or the confinement lady takes over the job. One of the reason must be during the first month of maternity rest, new moms should not touch water, even bathe! That is a ritual for the Asians. No surprise.

Have I told you that I started bathing my little princess since she was 2 weeks old? Ahem...of course I was nagged by my parents and in-laws and the elderly for not following the prohibition of confinement.

My girl was admitted for photo-therapy due to jaundice, so I took the chance to learn to bathe her during my hospital stay in the 2nd week. I'm the type of mommy who loves hands on, I do almost every single task that is required to be done by a mom (even my mom thinks I'm super...hahahah), including overseas travel before even she was 6 months..and definitely needs to bring along her own inflatable bath tub.

So back to the topic of bath tub. There is a huge range of baby bath tubs in the market nowadays but here in Malaysia we normally use the very conventional type, like this. Agree? I have one of this too, for use in my in-law's house during our weekend stays. This has to go with an anti-slip mat for infants. For first time moms, you may freak out if baby looks as if he/she is going to slip into the water.

This is my girl's personal bath tub which I think is worth recommending to the new mommies. Before deliver, my aunt bought me an inflatable bath tub as baby gift. I call it the Yellow Duck. It does look like the famous Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's Yellow Duck.

We brought it along during travels needless to worry no bath tub in the hotel room, especially when baby was still less than 6 months old. Bathing the baby could be a big challenge when you're away from home, so it is worthwhile to invest in a cost effective bath tub. Many 'new' products come into my knowledge after I become a mom, one of them is the baby bath tub.

Perhaps, just for sharing, these are some of the good ones worth to consider (my opinion).

Home use category:

Precious Planet™ Whale of a Tub!™

Potty Patty Baby Bath Tub (for girls) or Potty Scotty Baby Bath Tub (for boys)


Home use + travel use category:
White Hot® Inflatable Safety Duck Tub (This is the one I'm using)

Mother's Touch® Baby Bather

By the way, did anyone ever bought this for their baby? Baby spa!!! I would love to hear from you if you have one.

Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa & Shower

You're welcome to add on the list. I'd be glad that you do so. :)


All of it are so cute!!! =]

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