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September 8, 2013

Boracay babymoon (2012) - Day 2, Water activities and D'Mall, I 'sea' food!

Good morning Boracay! Greetings from my baby bump~

Hello mommy, what's for breakfast today??

Morning with sleepy faces...but great buffet at Willy's!

Oops... overexposure... So you know how sunny it was.

Willy's simply has thumbs up buffet breakfast~ Seriously it was worthwhile with the price I paid for the accommodation at Willy's. And a great view of the famous Willy's Rock too!.   

The famous Willy's Rock

I was addicted to Longganisa after tasted the first one at the buffet breakfast. 

Longganisa refers to sausages flavoured with indigenous spices, with each region having its own specialty. Filipino longganisa can also be made of chicken, beef, or even tuna. - From Wikipedia

As an outgoer who loves sea sand sun, it was the first time I was restricted to only hiding under shades and feet off from the sea... 

Okay my restricted area was only on the sand under shades...

The famous Willy's Rock, that symbolizes Boracay. It is right in front of our hotel. Isn't it great?! People purposely walk all the way here to snap a picture but we just needed to walk a few steps from the hotel area across the beach. Perhaps only a 100m.

A bit disappointed on the seawater today... Not the blue that I expected...

Panaromic view

Boracay locals are experts in building sand castles. You can always find several within a stone's throw distance. However if you want to snap photo, they will run to you and trying to collect money for a photo. The tourism police always patrol along the beaches to destroy these sand sculptures to stop the locals from bugging the tourists.

Lucky to snap one from afar

At first I was reluctant to go for island hopping because it might be a long hot day out and I need to watch out my bump. Flexibility and comfort was all I needed throughout the trip. Somehow if we did not go out to enjoy the sea, it would be meaningless to come thus far to see the blue.... So hubby chartered the whole boat and off we went out to the sea! So everything was done per my preference, he enjoyed his swim snorkeling, while I enjoyed the sea breeze in the boat.

Crystal clear

Some underwater world pictures. Thanks to our Sony TX10.

Since the boat is chartered, we just spent our own sweet time for the island hopping. Erm...beach hopping actually. We went to almost all the beaches. 


Local fishermen heading out for fishing

Sea cave.

Baby bump hehe~

Then we decided to stop by at Ilig Illigan Beach for a break. Ilig Iligan is a little beach, not many people here, seems like a good hideaway. There are only two small resorts, a local karaoke bar, and a
small restaurant on the beach. 

San Miguel beer under the hot sun? I could only have some fruit shakes...

You can have a small seafood feast here at the restaurant by the beach.

Cock fighting is also very popular in Philippines. It's the men's favorite past time.

A small seashell museum?

Crystal clear water and a good spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Look! A sunbow~

We spent the whole morning out in the sea and spotting a few beaches around Boracay Island. 

My beach boy suntanning.

More resorts spotted.

Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa at Barangay, Yapak.

More resorts spotted at Diniwid Beach.

Boracay West Cove Resort. It has is the first and only organic architecture in the Philippines. 
It uses non-disruptive technology in order to preserve the beauty of its environment.

After the beach hopping, finally it's time for some good food! Local delights of course. D'Mall is located at Station 2, about 10 minutes walk from our hotel at Station 1. Somehow walking along the White Beach is quite happening and you get to see a lot of hotels, restaurants and even shops, so 10 minutes is really nothing, even to an expecting mother like me.

The first restaurant that caught our attraction was Mang Inasal. Mang Inasal is a barbecue fast food restaurant chain in the Philippines specializing in grilled chicken.

Paa with rice. Paa means leg, grilled well and so easy to cut!

Dinuguan. Pork is cooked in pig’s blood. It is served with puto which is steamed rice cakes.
It tastes more like Philippine version of "pork leg vinegar".

My Boracay trip was more like a culinary trip hehe~

And we were in love with the local delicacies!!

After lunch we headed back to the hotel for some rest. Holiday should be like eat...sleep...eat...sleep...
It started to rain as soon as we reached our room. So I had a hot shower then dozed off before even had my dessert bought from Budget Mart (the only convenience store) at D'Mall. 

Can you see my baby bump? 

Okay, this is Willy's Beach Club Hotel overview. Facing the famous Willy's Rock.

It was evening again and I was ready for food hunting haha. Well, seemed like the nausea that I had all time before this vacation was totally gone?! I really enjoyed eating in these 5 days.

Ready to go. I had a list of "want-to-eat".

Fridays Boracay, another AAA resort.

Along the White Beach you will bump into many of this BBQ stalls. Of course we couldn't resist. For people who doesn't eat intestines, it's a waste!

OMG!! So many choices. Price range from 10-40PHP only!!

Decided to try these as snacks before going for a proper dinner - pig and chicken intestines. 
Only 10PHP (~RM0.70) per stick!!

Dinner was at Mañana Mexican Cuisine. It's located at Station 1 on the way to D'Mall (Station 2). I'm a fan of Mexican cuisine and we decided to dine there as I craved for Nachos with the dips.

Totopos (125PHP). Homemade tortilla chips that comes with four types of dips to suit each ones taste.

Chicken Sizzling Plate (352PHP). More like stir-fry chicken...not so Mexican though...

Along White Beach you can actually find a lot of seafood stalls/restaurants/BBQ. The lobsters are cheap! You even get to have seafood buffet by the beach around Station 2. We did not go to D'Talipapa for seafood but we had it at one of the seafood buffet stalls at Station 2 on Day 3.


Affordable seafood buffet~

Affordable seafood buffet~

Boracay Mandarin Resort. One of the leading resorts in Station 2.

Another premier resort. Boracay Regency Beach Resort. 
It has hundreds of guest rooms and 3 main pools... I guess I'm gonna stay here the next visit.

Lemon-i Cafe was in my "must eat" list. You know, normally expecting mothers crave for sour food and desserts. I could enjoy both here.

The cafe exterior. 

The cafe interior.

Ice lemonade and lemon cheese cake.

Happy babymoon~

Good night baby! 

On our way back to hotel, we saw the locals selling Balot and some deep fried pork skin.
Have you ever tried Balot? You may have a closer look of it in my previous post in Siem Reap. I still think it's way too disgusting and even hubby couldn't accept it...

Pork skin is a YES but Balot is definitely a NO NO!

(...to be continued)


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