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March 13, 2013

My breastfeeding journal - prologue

It was my aunt that urged me to write on this breastfeeding topic as she thinks what I've been through these 2 months plus is worthwhile to share to more mommies and mommies-to-be out there. It ain't easy to be a new mommy, and moreover, a full breastfeeding mommy.

I do not want to start the topic by scaring off the new mommies or mommies-to-be by telling you how winding the journey was in the first month, because there are also lucky and happy mommies who did not face as much problem as I did. 

Despite other issues I face, I would consider myself lucky too as my girl knows how to latch on properly and start sucking just 1 hour after birth. Many mommies actually face difficulty of babies don't know how to latch on to their nipples and that made direct latch kind of miserable... Direct latch is important for the first 2 months as to help mommies stimulate breast milk production. Indeed babies are the BEST PUMPS because whenever they suck, there will be milk flow.

Little princess staring at me ready for her milk~

If you've decided to be a breastfeeding mommy, you need to put 3 things in your mind - COURAGE, ENDURANCE and lots and lotsss of MOTIVATION (I would say self-motivation is very important).

Let me share some basic and common abbreviations about breastfeeding:
BF - breastfeeding
LO - little one / your baby
BM - breast milk
EBM - expressed breast milk
FBM - frozen breast milk
FM - formula milk
DL - direct latch
EP - exclusive pumping
(.)(.) - breasts (looks cute huh!)

Support groups to look for if you face conflict/issue/ignorance when you BF:
3. Kangaroo Club of Penang Adventist Hospital (Adventisthealth@pah.com.my, attn to Pai Lim)
5. SusuIbu.com

Stories to be shared in the upcoming posts.... stay tune! But updates will be a little slow as life as a mommy is definitely and totally out of schedule and plan... =p 


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