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February 25, 2013

Yours truly... dear princess

My little princess is finally 50 days old! Since when had she replaced me being called a princess...but life is really contented when she's gifted to us.

First day when you came to us. Unbelievable that I could smile right after I suffered 12hrs contraction and had just delivered.

So yes, mommy's little princess. Sometimes you cry and yell your lungs out and the next moment you smile... Whatever you do, you melt our hearts.

Now wherever the daddy and mommy go, we need to 'park' you next to us. So no more road side stalls... (gosh I miss so many foods!!!)

Although the breastfeeding path is such a long winding journey, but I'm willing to take the challenge up, for you I will.

I will cross the ocean for you 
I will go and bring you the moon 
I will be your hero your strength 
Anything you need 
I will be the sun in your sky 
I will light your way for all time 
Promise you
For you I will

And to all the new mommies out there, I will share more on breastfeeding as I know it is really really ain't easy from what I've walked through this 1.5 months and really need a lot of courage. Baby and I would like to thank all the people that have helped me along the journey.

To my Abigail... For You I Will


Congratulations !!

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