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May 23, 2012

Spellbound 오싹한 연애 (Chilling Romance)

A movie that made me shed tears in the plane back from Seoul.

 It is about a magician who falls in love with a woman who can see ghosts. It's unique and fresh, with a lot of surprises. A romantic comedy that rarely attracts more than 3,000,000 viewers!

 Again... a melodrama starring Son Ye-jin, my listed top 5 Korean actress! She's such a versatile actress, not afraid to cast off her nice girl image in her acting. That bagged her Best Actress honors from the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards and other local award-giving bodies for her portrayal of a polyandrous woman in My Wife Got Married.

 There's a whole lot of mixed feeling especially towards the end. The call from Ma Jo-goo (starring Lee Min-ki) to Kang Yeo-ri (starring Son Ye-jin) at the airport actually made me cry. But the next few moments was filled with silliness and laughter...

That's why I love this movie.

Preview... or you can access the official site.

*p.s. I've watched twice! The second time just a few days after I was back home. You can try to search in pps for 我的见鬼女友.


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