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May 14, 2012

Seoul, Soul of my Asia

I'm back to reality.

Seoul is always my favorite place in the globe, because it means so much to me. It is the place where I got some certificates from the local uni (Yonsei, Hanyang & PaiChai) 9 years back, and also the place where our love bloomed in the autumn that year.

Millennium Seoul Hilton

This round things have changed much. I left Seoul as a miss by then, and now I came back as a mrs! I'm kinda blessed being able to extend some time picking up the reminiscence besides working. And though it's such a short time, I was still able to do that few things which I wanted to.

Sitting in front of the window of my hotel room made me realized that growing older had changed much of my expectations on travelling abroad. When I was still a young chic, accommodation budget had always came last in the list. Somehow it's now part of the important things to check out before I fly. I really need a good rest in a room that makes me feel very warm and homely, so that I can enjoy a nice shower after a tired day, or even soak my legs in the bath tub with hot water after walking for hours!

Millennium Seoul Hilton 2

I realized that I've really grown old. Squeezing everything in the itinerary is no longer what I love to do. My German friend had once told me, he was so eager to snapping photos when doing sightseeing, and one day, he finally realized that he missed so much of 'the moment' of feeling it with heart instead of just finding memories through the pictures. So after that, he rather don't bring along his camera when he travels, but to pay full concentration on whatever that comes to his sight and remember things by heart.

Of course I would never agree with him to leave my lens at all, but over time, I've finally learned to slow down my footsteps and feel the beat of the moment. Picture snapping remains, but it's funny that sometimes I didn't realize what have I snapped until the playback. But I could remember every bits of the events clearly. Less focus on the screen but it's really amazing.

i'm in seoul

The traffic jam sucks! Since when did Seoul caught into such a horrible traffic dilemma... almost everybody drives now. I rather walk and take the subway. I have phobia for traffic jam since then. KL traffic jam is not so bad... they have bad jam on the highway! Drove me crazy~

Now I appreciate walking...

seoul metro subway

And I appreciate spending time to do things without rush. I spent time with the bears for hours... and I'm loving it!

goong bears 3

Unlike the usual me, I spent a total of more than 3 hours in N Seoul Tower on my own this time!! I gazed at the night scene of Seoul from the observatory deck... so beautiful... like stars.

Seoul Tower Observatory

I did 3 things on purpose this time:
1. Bring back Alfred Bear's replica (from the drama Goong) from The Teddy Bear Museum
2. Shopping spree on skin care and cosmetics - TheFaceShop, Skin Food, Nature Republic, Missha, and Etude House!
3. Explore the coffee culture in Seoul - Seoulites cannot survive without coffee!


Now I'm in love with their coffee.  

쎄르울 공주
- MH067 -


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