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April 25, 2012

Our Honeymoon in Maldives 爱在阳光灿烂的天堂 。马尔代夫 - Part 10 第十章, Time to say goodbye~ 再见马尔代夫~

Hakuraa Huraa 180 

 I couldn't believe time passed by so quickly. It finally came to the end of our remarkable holiday. All the memories that flashed from the moment we boarded the plane and amazed by the astonishing view of the "heaven on earth". 真无法相信时间飞逝。终于到了我们悠闲假期的尾声。 从搭上飞机的那时刻,到亲眼目睹“人间天堂”的景象。一切一切尽在不言中。。

Hakuraa Huraa 181

It started to drizzle when we were about to leave. Thank God that we had the most wonderful weather in these few days. Miles of sunshine enabled us to fully enjoy the sea, sand, sun. 天开始下起毛毛雨。阴晴不定的天空,却只出现在我们即将离开的时候。 感谢上天赐给我们这美好的几天,晴空万里,让我们毫无顾虑的尽情享受阳光、沙滩、海浪。

Hakuraa Huraa 182

 The big Manta Ray came to bid us goodbye...

  Hakuraa Huraa 184

Hakuraa Huraa 183

Hakuraa Huraa 185

Then the sun came out again!

Hakuraa Huraa 186

Maldives is very concern on the environment. The resorts are using LED lamps.

Hakuraa Huraa 187

There came our sea plane.

Hakuraa Huraa 188

The local people's dhoni. Out to the sea for fishing.

Hakuraa Huraa 190

The view was still as remarkable as ever. I couldn't help indulging in the blue.

Hakuraa Huraa 191

Hakuraa Huraa 192

Hakuraa Huraa 193

We had the chance to get off the sea plane for a while at Medhufushi Resort to pick up other guests.
The water looks greenish compare to Hakuraa Huraa.

Hakuraa Huraa 194

Hakuraa Huraa 195

Took off again back to Hulhulé where the sea plane terminal is (Maldivian Air Taxi Terminal).

Hakuraa Huraa 196

Hakuraa Huraa 197

Hakuraa Huraa 198

Arriving at the MAT terminal.

Hakuraa Huraa 199

Then we took the shuttle back to Maldives International Airport. It was already afternoon by then. We decided to take some rest and waited for the boarding time at night. Few hours at the airport.

Hakuraa Huraa 200

Hakuraa Huraa 201

Empanadas - some puffs stuffed with Tuna.
Empanadas - 一些金枪鱼泡芙馅饼。

Hakuraa Huraa 202

Our usual practice before going home - sending postcard - whenever the post office is available.

Hakuraa Huraa 203

Hakuraa Huraa 204

Hakuraa Huraa 205

Night falls.... Finally came our flight back to Kuala Lumpur.
We left with heavy hearts and aching skin, but we were blessed and very satisfied to have visited one of the most amazing places in the world and left with great memories.
We will be back!!!
夜幕降临...... 我们的航班返回吉隆坡。

Hakuraa Huraa 206

- End -
- 终 -


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