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February 24, 2012

Our Honeymoon in Maldives 爱在阳光灿烂的天堂 。马尔代夫 - Part 6 第六章, Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa - Out to the sea! I love water! 出海咯!玩水咯!

Hakuraa Huraa 063

We are definitely not morning persons. Normally I missed watching sunrise wherever we go.
But by coincident, our room #108 is just the right spot for spectacular sunrise... (I rather see sunset...)
I was waken up by the sunlight shining all the way onto our bed! 囧
In fact, the sunrise should not be considered sunrise anymore... looked like already risen half an hour ago.
It was only 5am!!

Hakuraa Huraa 062

Lazy lazy in the morning~ After woke up second time. (Went back to bed after snap the above photo...haha)
懒懒晨曦~ 这是第二次醒来。(拍完照我又爬回去睡了。。哈哈)

Hakuraa Huraa 064

Baby shark came to visit us!

Hakuraa Huraa 065

Blue blue sky of Maldives!

Hakuraa Huraa 066

Coconut palms, tree shades, clear water, sandy beaches... Mc Dull's dream place.

Hakuraa Huraa 067

Never expected to have pork in this Muslim country, really fulfill the requirements of an international standard.resort.

Hakuraa Huraa 069

The food that I missed most after leaving Maldives - Maldivian Coconut Sambol.

Hakuraa Huraa 070

Our breakfast... plentiful?

Hakuraa Huraa 071

Hakuraa Huraa 072

Hakuraa Huraa 073

Hakuraa Huraa 074

Hakuraa Huraa 075

Morning swim after our breakfast. That's always the best time to swim, when tides are high.

Hakuraa Huraa 076

Hakuraa Huraa 077

Hakuraa Huraa 078

9.30am, time to join the daily free snorkeling trip. Something good about Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa... additional expenses reduced to the max, including snorkeling mask and the fin! Just make sure you check the condition before borrowing, else any damage during return will be charged under you.
早晨9.30,免费出海浮浅时间。强烈推荐Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa。。。 连额外消费都减到最低,潜水面罩和蛙鞋也免费提供!总之只要借用前确保状况良好,以避免退还时被罚款。

Hakuraa Huraa 079

Hakuraa Huraa 080

Hakuraa Huraa 081

Out to the amazing sea!

Hakuraa Huraa 082

Hakuraa Huraa 083

Hakuraa Huraa 085

A relaxing honeymoon~

Hakuraa Huraa 086

Hakuraa Huraa 087

Swim swim swim...

Hakuraa Huraa 088

Hakuraa Huraa 089

... and making new friends! From Greece.

Hakuraa Huraa 090

Love playing with the corals.

Hakuraa Huraa 091

Hakuraa Huraa 092

Hakuraa Huraa 093

Hakuraa Huraa 094

Sun high up in the sky, enjoy Coca-Cola.

Hakuraa Huraa 096

Do Yoga.

Hakuraa Huraa 134

Floating. So crystal clear... Ooo... I love the colors!

Hakuraa Huraa 133

Hakuraa Huraa 097

I wanna fly~ I jump!
我要飞~ 我跳!

Hakuraa Huraa 103

After swimming at the sand bank, we decided to explore the island. After all this island is very accessible - a very small one. The water sports center. Most of the people would go for kayak.

Hakuraa Huraa 102

Then we came to Chavana Spa. (Facebook: Chavana Spa)
Here everyone gets a 5 minute free Balinese neck and shoulder massage. These masseurs are from Bali. The girls were so surprised when we spoke in Bahasa Indon to them. Conclusion -- visitor from Malaysia is far lesser than we expected... They could remember one couple from Malaysia 2 years back, I guess that should be Belinda Chee.
找到了Chavana Spa。(Facebook: Chavana Spa)
每位住客都有得免费试巴厘式颈项与肩膀按摩。按摩师都是巴厘进口的。当我们以印尼话与她们对话时,她们都呆住了。结论是 -- 从马来西亚来这儿的人数,的确少得可怜。。。她们隐约记得两年前有一对从马来西亚来的,我想应该是Belinda Chee

Hakuraa Huraa 104

Hakuraa Huraa 105

Massage time~

Hakuraa Huraa 106

...to be continued...

That afternoon I had my honeymoon post-wedding portraiture - read in this link.
当天下午,我们就忙着拍摄蜜月婚纱照 - 按这里连接

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