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February 14, 2012

LOVE! Tasmania campaign - ready to win a 8D6N trip!

I've submitted my entry. What about you?

What you need to do?
In 100 words or less Express Your Love for what you love in life

The prizes?

Winners announced on 29th February 2012. 
There will be four sets of winners – one each from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China
From 13th to 20th March 2012 the winners will travel to Tasmania on an overnight flight on 13th March and then enjoy 6 glorious nights in Tasmania.
Other Prizes to be Won!
Tourism Tasmania does not want to just award one prize. There will be additional prizes offered:
  • Best Comment made in an Entry
  • Best Presented Entry
  • Most Creative Entry
Each winner will win a RM600 travel voucher

Click the below link to:
The Competition
To Participate
- Read about the 10 BEST of Tasmania

Judging will be undertaken by the following criteria:
- 30% Number of 'Likes' received
- 30% Creativeness of entry
- 40% Overall Presentation

Last but not least.... please remember to check out this link from 14-27 February 2012 and click LIKE on my entry. Thank you!~

Here's my entry...

See you in Tasmania and good luck.

♥ Happy Valentine's everyone 


Thank you!
I look forward to Tasmania~

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