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December 24, 2011

Our Honeymoon in Maldives 爱在阳光灿烂的天堂 。马尔代夫 - Part 4 第四章, Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa - lunch, water bungalow, private sun deck

The beauty that surrounds Chaaya Lagoon Hakura Huraa is so moving, visitors will learn to be still. 

For an ultimate holiday experience, the Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa is your perfect destination. With a new look and better facilities, we are ready to offer you the wonders of sun, sand and sea in a backdrop of ultimate comfort.

Located 145 km from the capital, Male, it takes 45 minutes by seaplane to get to this idyllic 6-acre island paradise. Once you arrive be prepared for memorable times. Surrounded by an azure ocean lagoon replete with the wonders of the underwater world, this is a paradise for diving and snorkelling. Meanwhile, on water sports include windsurfing, sailing and canoeing.

Blissful days blend into balmy evenings. Memorable nights lull you into an idyllic state of mind. After sunset the entertainment begins with disco music and the famed Maldivian Cultural show. These are memories to cherish.

Our arrival was greeted with 2 glasses of ice cold beer!

Hakuraa Huraa 06

Due to our room was not ready for check-in, the front desk officer offered us to have lunch first before our other baggage arrive at the resort in another sea plane.

Hakuraa Huraa 07

Hakuraa Huraa 08

Hakuraa Huraa 09

Everything throughout our stay is all inclusive. All meals served at Malaafaiy Restaurant. It is an indoor restaurant with large windows offering a stunning view of the island and the lagoon serves outstanding buffet spreads.

Hakuraa Huraa 10

Hakuraa Huraa 11

Hakuraa Huraa 12

Hakuraa Huraa 13

We knew that we made the right choice to go all inclusive in Maldives after seeing the price list of additional/theme meal. Example... US$250 per couple for a candle light dinner on the lovers deck!!! Unbelievable....
看到价格表/额外主题餐的价格后,我们很确定在马尔代夫拿 all inclusive 配套是正确的选择。例如。。。 在甲板上享用浪漫烛光晚餐,每对夫妇要250美元!!!真是难以置信。。。。

Hakuraa Huraa 14

Finally our room was ready! Ok... I see Tsunami assembly point...

Hakuraa Huraa 15

Spacious water bungalows on stilts over the ocean with new decor, glass floor viewing window, a private deck and steps down into the turquoise lagoon.

Hakuraa Huraa 16

Hakuraa Huraa 17

Hakuraa Huraa 18

Hakuraa Huraa 19

Bath foam, shampoo, conditioner... Very cute bottles.


The endless sea. . Very romantic but still worried that Tsunami will occur. . . Contradicting.
一望无际的海。。 很浪漫之际,还是有点担心海啸啦。。。矛盾哦。

Hakuraa Huraa 22

My favorite spot in our room throughout our stay. Everyday the fishes came greeting us.

Hakuraa Huraa 20

And the private sun deck too!!

Hakuraa Huraa 21

Lucky to have battery still after one whole morning. My little TX-10 battery already dead after hours of photos and videos... and the charger was in the other baggage yet to arrive. Same as my 10-20mm lens...
庆幸用了整个上午后仍然还有电池。我的小TX- 10电池在拍了数小时的照片和影像后已经死了。。。充电器还在其他行李尚未到达。我的10- 20mm的镜头也一样。。。

Hakuraa Huraa 23

Fruit platter was sent to our room afterwards.

Hakuraa Huraa 24

Moments without my 10-20mm.... a little bored... I couldn't wait to shoot the amazing landscapes. Then the hubby asked me to pose as the model temporarily.


Under the hot sun still I could fell asleep... it proved that the environment was exceptionally relaxing~


...to be continued...


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