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October 21, 2011

Our Honeymoon in Maldives 爱在阳光灿烂的天堂 。马尔代夫 - Prologue 序

If honeymoon is a dream come true, I will definitely choose have it in heaven, and it has to be in an island.
I would love to have a Safari tour in South Africa but it's way too hectic for a honeymoon. After all, we always love the sea, sand, sun thingy.

Hakuraa Huraa 30

When it came to making choices, we shortlisted Maldives, Aegean Sea, and Seychelles. (Oopss... Baby just reminded me that we thought about New Zealand too...) However, I am a true nature lover and am very concern to global warming issues. Maldives is known to be the fastest sinking islands in another 50 - 70 years, therefore I definitely want to have an unforgettable event there. Our honeymoon.
最后的3个选择,我们列下了马尔代夫,爱琴海和塞舌尔。(老公刚提醒我..还有新西兰) 然而,我是自然爱好者,而且非常关注全球暖化问题。所以就选择了被公认是未来50-70年里最快的下沉的岛屿的马尔代夫。当然我的决定紧紧牵连着这个令人难忘的目的--我们的蜜月旅行。

Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa 03

God's creation is always fantastic. As we flew across the ocean in the sea plane to our resort, I nearly burst into tears. That's the most amazing view I've ever seen in my life! Are we still on earth?
上帝的创造是无与伦比的,实在太棒了。正如我们从水上飞机的窗口望出那蔚蓝的海洋的时候, 我感动得几乎流泪了。 这是我人生中看到的最令人惊讶的自然美景!我们还在地球上吗?

Maldives Sea Plan ride 20

Our days in the heaven was spectacular. I've never been so free during a holiday. Totally shut off the entire world except ourselves at the blue lagoon. Besides us, it's just nature. No more facation (fake vacation where you unconsciously checking on emails and doing work).
我们在人间天堂上的日子超棒的。 我从来没有拥有过那么自由的假日。 躲在蓝色的泻湖里,尝试与全世界完全失去联系,除了我俩之外,还是大自然。 再也不是平时的facation(假休中还会不知不觉的检查电子邮件和工作)。

Hakuraa Huraa 134

Getting visits from Manta Rays and Bat Rays daily at our water bungalow.

Hakuraa Huraa 078

Running around chasing the hermit crabs... they are everywhere!
追逐寄居蟹... 他们到处都是!

Or dipping in the super clear water with the corals and fishes during high tide every afternoon through evening.
或与珊瑚和鱼类一起浸泡在清澈见底的海水中, 在每一个涨潮的下午直到环黄昏。

And enjoy the whispers of the stars and the moon.

Everyday is just as special.

Hakuraa Huraa 096

And slowly grilling ourselves under the hot sun was not bad at all! See how tanned we became just after a day.

Although our wedding was not carried out in Maldives, but baby had given me a precious post wedding portraiture there. A summer bride.

That is truly an experience which I don't think I can express fully through words. I love Maldives!

Stay tune... 待续。。。


Its an amazing place with lovely beach and sceneries.

Yes indeed. We'd love to go back in some time.

Congras and wish both of you happy forever :)

Thanks @Chloe! Congrats for the blog nomination too! =)

OMG!!! speechless while seing ur snap shots of interesting scenery

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