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September 10, 2011

Tips for travel make-up

Chuseok holiday is comming in Korea!! It’s time for travel! But… it is impossible to bring your whole box of cosmetics with you. So what do you need in your suitcase to stay chic? Let’s count on the MUST brings in your tiny cosmetic bag.

For skin care:
Travel pack (miniature) of your current skin care series. This is to avoid allergy or irritation to skin, it’s not worth risking during travelling.
(1) Cleanser
(2) Toner/Lotion
(3) Moisturizer
(4) Sun block
(5) Facial cotton pads
(6) Acne gel (if you have acne problem)
(7) Face mask (scrubs and essence mask sheets)

For make-up:
Bring what is essential that will make you look stunning in photos.
(1) BB Cream or Foundation
(2) Loose powder
(3) Blusher
(4) Eye shadows
(5) Eye liner
(6) Mascara
(7) Eye brow pencil
(8) Lip balm or lip care

If you’re travelling in spring…
Usually you look a bit pale due to the cool windy weather, and when flowers bloom, you look even pale in the picture!
Brown or warm color series eye shadow.
If you want to look young and sweet, you can choose orange and yellow eye shadow.
Apply a little orange tone blusher.
Try die your hair brown!

If you’re travelling in summer…
The problem with summer is the humidity and long hours exposure under the sun. That means freckles as well..
Avoid putting too much of make-up, let your face go nude.
Besides the basic foundation or BB Cream, apply a little pinkish blusher and mascara is good enough.
If you want to enhance your beautiful face with glamorous eyes, blue and purple shades work just fine.
If you want to look young and sweet, purple and pink eye shadow can do the wonder.
Either apply only lip gloss for nude lips or choose pink/peach color.

If you’re travelling in autumn…
Autumn is romantic, but it is always dry and windy, which means sensitive skin can easily becomes flaky or dehydrated.
Always remember to boost the moisture in your skin by applying extra hydrating essence.
Avoid shocking colors, blend in some natural shades. Glittering brownish blusher is good.
Shape your face by touching up your jaw line with powder which is one tone darker than your skin.
Try the fake eyelash alongside with gray shade eye shadows.
Lip color can be darker tone of red, and choose the matte type.

If you’re travelling in winter…
It means Christmas is just around the corner. What can you think of Christmas?
Go sweet, or go wild.
If you like to be sweet, glittery pink, blue, silver eye shadow work just perfect.
If you like to go wild, you can apply white eye shadow with dark eye liner, or just go smoky eyes.
Eyeliner and mascara are very important, because it makes your eyes look glamorous.
Why not try red glossy lips?

Happy Chuseok!! Happy travelling!!

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