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August 24, 2011

Wang Chao Chinese Restaurant - Cantonese style cuisine

If you like Cantonese Cuisine check out Wang Chao!

Wang Chao restaurant 01

Wang Chao has accomplished as the Gold Medalist of the World Golden Chef Competition in year 2005. The award-winning chef who knows exactly how to pamper your taste buds. It's one of our favorite restaurants for family dining and also lunch with colleagues. Cozy environment, excellent services and reasonable prices. You'll get everything worthwhile paying for a meal here.

Wang Chao restaurant 02

Wang Chao restaurant 03

Wang Chao restaurant 05

Below are the dishes we love to order whenever we dine there. Accumulated from 3 visit when I remembered to bring along my camera. =)

翡翠烩金砖 Golden Mushroom Beancurd - from RM9

Wang Chao restaurant 06

马来好风光 Sambal Kangkung - from RM7

Wang Chao restaurant 07

红烧东坡肉 Braised Dong Por Pork - from RM18

Wang Chao restaurant 08

香酥芒果鸡 Mango Chicken - from RM9

Wang Chao restaurant 09

鲍鱼海参一品煲 Seacucumber & Seafood In Claypot - from RM20

Wang Chao restaurant 10

砂煲芭蕉虾 Claypot Curry Prawn - from RM18

Wang Chao restaurant 11

香炸鲜虾蟹皇卷 Crispy Home Made Crab Meat Roll - from RM12

Wang Chao restaurant 12

清炒西兰花 Garlic Broccoli - from RM9

Wang Chao restaurant 13

X.O. 四大天王 X.O. Sauce Fried Ladies Fingers & Friends - from RM10

Wang Chao restaurant 15

红豆汤 Red Bean Soup - FOC

Wang Chao restaurant 16

My Rank: 4/5

2-G-2, Pekaka Square, Sg.2, Penang
New Branch: No.104, Gurney Drive, Georgetown, 10250 Penang

016-4616923 (Penny)
012-5577268 (Kevin)

Business Hour:
11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Off on Wednesday

Website: http://www.118wangchao.com/home.html

Check out the latest promotion they have now!!!
[65% Off] Abalone Seafood Platter (Poon Choy) + Ginseng Soup + Rice + Freshly Brewed Honey Rock Sugar Tea for 2 people at Wang Chao Chinese Cuisine at Gurney Drive for RM29 instead of RM83.15 (only RM14.50 per person)


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