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July 5, 2011

Santorini Cafe Penang Burma Road 爱琴海 - more than just a dining place

This is an invited review by Foodtok.com to Santorini Cafe. Because of the name Santorini, I've always wanted to pay a visit to temporarily satisfy my desire of travelling to Greece... such a romantic name for a cafe. This was my first outing with the Penang top floggers (food bloggers)~ Super fun!! And this officiates Princess Cheryl as a member of Penang food blogger community. Yeah~~

Santorini cafe collage

We were amazed that with so many items we tried during the food tasting, there were still loads more in the menu to be explored. In brief, this is a place worth visiting if you would like to try different varieties of home-cook meal (no MSG). I like the relaxing ambiance where most of the walls are colored blue. I believe it is also a cozy spot for chit chats in the afternoon.

Santorini cafe collage 2

Now, the food.

From left:
Santorini Signature Coffee (Cold RM6.00; Hot RM5.00) - Coffee for anyone.
Thirst Quencher (RM5.00) - Mixed of red plum and some other fruits.
Santorini Chocolate (RM5.50) - You may start guessing if it's Milo/Ovaltine/Vico/Oligo...

Santorini beverages

Let me start with the oriental choices first -- the rice and noodles.

Santorini Cracker (RM4.90) - Referred as Pok pok chui which is one of the popular finger food/snacks from Kampar.

Santorini crackers

Santorini Drunken Mee Suah (RM6.90) - Wheat Vermicelli cooked in thick base soup with seafood and egg. It's not as sticky and as thick as stew like the Mee Suah Kor, but in between soup and stew.

Santorini drunken mee suah

Santorini Kampar Yue Wat Soup (RM5.90) - Unlike fish balls, "yue wat" are not specifically shaped. These are home made "yue wat" prepared by one of the lady bosses who is from Kampar. The soup is superb, sweet yet no fishy odor.

Santorini kampar yue wat soup

Santorini Seaweed Fried Rice (RM6.90) - For those who love seaweed, this is quite a good choice. Garnished with bonito flakes.

Santorini seaweed fried rice

Santorini OH! mama with rice (RM8.90) - Chicken cooked in sweet soy sauce and some secret ingredients. Served with rice.

Santorini mama rice

Santorini Butterine Mantis Prawn Rice (RM7.90) - This dish comes in 3 choices of meat: Chicken, Fish or Mantis Prawn. Oriental delight.

Santorini butterine mantis prawn rice

Santorini Fish Sauce Bee Hoon (RM5.90) - Fried rice Vermicelli with fish sauce (鱼露). Particularly a common seasoning in Asian cuisine (Thai, Vietnam, Chinese and Korean cuisine). According to the owner, this dish was learned from Sarawak.

Santorini fish sauce bee hoon

Enough of Asian food? Now let's see what they have for western food...

Santorini Potato Salad (RM5.00) - Potato in cubes and slightly mashed with mayonnaise dressing and a sprinkle of paprika.

Santorini potato salad

Oat Fish Chop (RM12.90) - Another western delight. Had enough of traditional fish-n-chips? Try this.

Santorini oat fish chop

Mix Grill (RM20.90) - All time favorite! Lamb, chicken, sausage, ham and egg.

Santorini mix grill

Santorini Coffee Chicken Chop (RM13.90) - Ooo... I smell coffee. It's a 2-in-1 combo for coffee lover, feed yourself with caffeine while munching the fried chicken chop. The dressing blends well too.

Santorini coffee chicken chop

Her-Mus-Ney Chicken Chop (RM11.90) - My favorite and most recommended dish of the night. I simply love the special mix honey mustard sauce served with grilled chicken chop. This is the typical sauce for western food, popular choice in the USA, Caucasians don't take that much of chili/tomato sauce like we Asians do.

Santorini her-mus-ney chicken chop

Last but not least.... dessert time!

Wonder Box (RM6.00) - Ice cream stuffed in a "bread-box", topped with chocolate chips and watermelon. So beautiful. And colorful. Does it make you feel happy before you even eat it?

Santorini wonder box

Santorini cafe is located next to the Chew Tian Yang Aquarium and Little Cottage along Burma Road.
Customers can park in front of the cafe (compound) or along the roadside after the turning right at the subsequent junction. For those who park at the aquarium car park or New World Park car park, a refund of RM1 will be given when you present your parking ticket to Santorini Cafe (1 single bill max 2 tickets).


My Rank: 3.5/5

94, Burma Road, 10500 Penang.

Tel: 04 - 2292776 OR 016-4416039

Business Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday (11:00 am - 3:00 pm; 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm)
Close on Monday

Email: santorinicafe@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Santorini-Cafe-Penang/126549217373014?sk=info

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Too bad, now all the western food served in Santorini does not come with french fries.

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