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July 1, 2011

Roadhouse Grill Gurney Tower Penang

Roadhouse Grill collage 01

Roadhouse Grill has been around for years but this is the first time we dine there. Probably because I've been a little too obsessed in doing food review around Penang. The bunch of food bloggers that I know of are driving the "uuhmph" in me to crave for more...which I'm quite worried at first -- putting on weight just before my wedding!!

But it seems like having our new home made me exercise so much intensively (1-2 hours of house chores almost daily for both of us, even more intensive than going to gym...). Seeing me slimming down so much actually drove my parents nuts, and they thought I was trying to go on diet. IN FACT I DID NOT mum... I eat even more nowadays... I'm not thin, just toned up.

You will find fascinating decoration with neon lights and a Cowboy figurine sitting right at the entrance of the restaurant. The restaurant concept is basically like dining in a Cowboy ranch..

Roadhouse Grill 11

Roadhouse Grill 12

Roadhouse Grill 09

Once you're seated, they will serve you with a bucket of peanuts. It's the signature of this restaurant, free flow of peanuts!

Roadhouse Grill 06

More peanuts!!! The supply is even more than that you can find in the departmental store.

Roadhouse Grill 13

Their menu is quite elaborated... steaks, chicken, pastas, pizzas, seafood, burgers, and desserts...

Roadhouse Grill 03

Roadhouse Grill 04

Roadhouse Grill 05

Roadhouse Grill 07

The bar. Loads of liquor to choose from. Get a cocktail.

Roadhouse Grill 02

I was looking around and found this really cute toilet sign! A moo-moo facing its butt out with a cross on its poo-poo. So cute that it should not belong here in a "Cowboy ranch".

Roadhouse Grill 10

More seats, with the starry-starry night effect if the lighting is dimmer.

Roadhouse Grill 08

I like the wall paintings. Red Indians and Cowboys, very Native American feel. For a moment I thought I was eating in the USA. I had the chance to dine at a few restaurants in California in the recent trip and trust me, it's so very similar.

Roadhouse Grill 01

Beer and peanuts. We were quite early for dinner. Thus it was like a private function for just the two of us.

Roadhouse Grill collage 02

After half an hour of beer and peanuts...

Roadhouse Grill 14

Soup of the day.
Clear Chicken Soup.

Roadhouse Grill 15

Chicken Parmigiana.
Chicken breast topped with tomato coulis & melted cheese.
 I am not a fan of chicken breast, and I did not put much expectations. Chicken breast is easily over-cooked. But to my surprise, it's tender and juicy!!

Roadhouse Grill 16

Teriyaki Steak.
East meets west in this unique combination.
Probably the best steak I've ever had in town!! So much better than The Ship.

Roadhouse Grill 17

Messy Sundae.
A large glass covered inside & out with hot fudge. Filled with homemade ice cream and top with whipped cream, chopped nuts &cherry.

Roadhouse Grill 18

A nice Western cuisine should always end with some dessert. How could I miss the ice cream!! =)

Roadhouse Grill 19

My Rank: 4/5

Gurney Hotel
18-G-E Persiaran Gurney,10250 Penang

Tel: 04-3701872

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