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June 9, 2011

Why I love to transit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise to me. When I travel and have a chance to transit through Hong Kong, I'll always end up coming home with the most haul from Hong Kong instead of the original destination. Heheh... with really stuffed and bulging hand luggage full of clothes and accessories from Hong Kong~

What to do... it's too convenient to be in town from the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). In Penang, taking a cab from the airport to my house to and fro can easily cost a RM40 - RM50 and it's only within 10 minutes drive! In Kuala Lumpur, to get from KLIA to KL town by KLIA Express, it's not that cheap either, RM35 one way. BUT in Hong Kong, it's only HKD100 for returning trip within 24 hours! So how could I resist it... 一卡在手,钱包穿洞。。。

hong kong transit 01

So off I went for my Hong Kong transit tour as early as 8.30am. Well, I had a total of 6 hours free hours in town before my next flight back home. I arrived from San Francisco to HKIA as early as 6.45am and I spent like an hour in the transit waiting area, at least had to change and clean up a little bit before going out. It's not Malaysia but Hong Kong, where girls look really beautiful on the street.

hong kong transit 02

Let me go home~~ I'm just too far from where you are, so let me go home~~ [Michael Buble's HOME]. But before go home, let me go shopping first. *wink^wink* Look how tired and dry I was after a fortnight away from home, at the other side of the globe. I was still half asleep right then due to slight jetlag.

hong kong transit 03

Apparently only a few people were in the same ride with me. I owned the whole cabin for 24 minutes all the way to town. Good morning Hong Kong!! I couldn't wait to taste the local milk tea~

hong kong transit 04

As early as 9am in Tsim Sha Tsui. What to do?? Shops are not open yet.... except the char chan teng (cafe). So I took a morning walk along the Avenue of Stars to enjoy the morning breeze. Here is the nearest spot to feel both Hong Kong island and Kowloon. I've been here for the 4th time already... can just close my eyes and walk to the end.. :-p

hong kong transit 05

Stomach already growling since I landed. Time for some local style breakfast! Milk tea.港式丝袜奶茶

hong kong transit 13

And the fresh from oven puffy pineapple bun served with butter. 鲜油菠萝包

hong kong transit 14

I was wandering around Tsim Sha Tsui until 11am when all the shops opened for business. So late only they start business. I almost messed up the timing per planned to do shopping around a few areas (Tsim Sha Tsui is very big actually) in a few of my favorite boutiques as I need to make my way back to HKIA by 1pm.

Among my favorite shopping spots in Tsim Sha Tsui:
(1) shops along Granville Road, Carnarvon Road, Cameron Road, and Kimberley Road.
(2) shops along Lock Road, Hankow Road, and Peking Road.

But due to very limited time, I can only choose 1 out of 2. I went for option #1. Near the junction of Carnarvon Road and Granville Road.

hong kong transit 07

And this is Park Lane Shoppers Boulevard along Nathan Road. You can see this at the junction of Nathan Road and Granville Road. High end branded stuffs, not my choice. I like retro mix and match so I'd rather go for trendy fashionable wear and bling bling accessories. But no harm to take a look, sometimes you find surprise items during sales.

hong kong transit 08

After 2 hours and over 2 dozens of shops that I visited... I had no choice but to squeeze everything into my hand carry luggage and still left with 3 big shopping bags.. Total 13 pieces hauled in just 2 hours. I must have gone crazy... like never had shopped for years... In fact I just did that for the past 2 weekends in US.

hong kong transit 09

Taiwan was promoting for its Floral Exhibition at that time. My baby was back from Taiwan a few months ago but then the Floral Exhibition hasn't start yet. Maybe I should start planning for a visit to Taiwan.

hong kong transit 10

Way back to HKIA to board the plane back home. Again, my private cabin. No more jetlag after the haul. :)

hong kong transit 11

Departing from Hong Kong Station back to Airport. I call it a day in Hong Kong~

hong kong transit 12

For more information on the airport transit to town, click here to the MTR page for Airport Express Services.

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