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June 2, 2011

Dulang Kafe & Bakery, Kuta Bali

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 01

Located next to the entrance of Matahari Departmental store, this is a restaurant worth trying out when you do your shopping along Kuta Square. It can get really crowded in the evenings, but I found most of the diners would prefer to sit at the open air area, probably because you can feel the vibes of Kuta Square.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali entrance

But due to I've had enough of sunburn (now I look like a Red-Indian..), I rather sit inside. The ambiance is so relaxing, most importantly, I need air-conditioning.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali ambience

Aha... spot the stone sculpture deco again~ Do you see it?

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 02

Ordered a couple of juices. Time for avocado shake again! Everywhere I go I ordered avocado shake in Bali.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 03

Sop buntut. Oxtail soup with vegetables, red bean, served with rice.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 04

Ayam Goreng Dulang. Special crispy fried chicken marinated with herbs, served with rice and vegetables.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 05

Traditional Indonesian Chicken Curry. Chicken curry with sweet basil and condiments and served with rice.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 06

The sunburned couple~ Second trip to Bali... Weather still as hot as ever.

Dulang Restaurant Kuta Bali 07

My Rank: 3/5


Kafe Dulang
Kuta Square, Kuta,
Bali, Indonesia.

Tel: +(62-361) 753.389


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