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May 20, 2011

The Princess Wedding Diaries - Pre-wedding photo teasers

Teasers... our pre-wedding potraits~

Overall the effect was superb. Thanks Kenneth and Beron for the photography, Hui Lee and Stefvy for the make-up and hair-do.


Spent 5 hours to filter out pre-filtered 300+ perfect shots down to 52 for only the best of the best. Phew... that's really a tough job! Why not getting more? Hmm.... I'll leave it for the post-wedding honeymoon shoot in Maldives of course. Having the perfect moments captured on a rainy day which then turned sunny in the late afternoon, I'm already more than satisfied and blessed. The sky turned from gloomy to clear blue, with patches of white clouds then. =)

Aspial screenshot 01

Aspial screenshot 02

Some of the few screenshots taken from the desktop. All original without editing. These are not the best shots yet... I always want to save the best things for last. Will reveal the series after all is ready. :P

So how do you like our wedding photos? How many stars? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? (*v*)

Steve & Cheryl wedding potrait 02

Steve & Cheryl wedding potrait 01

Steve & Cheryl wedding potrait 03


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