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May 15, 2011

The Princess Wedding Diaries - 12th May 2011

Belated post of my wedding diary. Should be dated 12th May when published.

We had our pre-wed shooting on 12th May. This was the second rescheduled session as the first one clashed with my US trip, while the second one clashed with 'cheng beng' month (parents nagged and forced to change date). I didn't snap any photos with my camera as I decided to leave every piece of the artwork to our wedding photographer Kenneth. If you follow my blog, you would know that we signed up our wedding package with Aspial Wedding. I salute our personal team of photographer, make-up artists and their assistants on the day of shooting, you guys/girls are gorgeous! Everything is worth paying for, at least I get the service and concept of how I like it to be through the day~

Days before the photo shooting we were down with flu, and my complexion was really really bad... Hectic month with imbalance working hours versus personal stuff, and it's true that if you plan to move into new house before wedding, it's a super duper heavy task! We're still busy with the minor renovations and installation at our new place up to today... And my friends always tease me for arranging things one shot in a year - new house, registration, wedding, honeymoon... At times we're really tired but at the same time having fun too! Aza Aza!!

Now we couldn't wait to view the photos on 18th May. I wonder how would the effect be... of great combination of photographer/make-up/hair-do/scenery, and of course the great couple. =P


I can't wait to see it too! :)

I can't wait to see it too. Just a couple of shots at the moment.

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