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May 19, 2011

Penang Hill Cable Car - the new funicular train service

My first official article for VisitPenang.gov.my! A brief article about the new Penang Hill cable car service. Original article here!

The new Penang Hill funicular train service has been opened to the public from April 25 after the upgrading. Before the upgrade, the total journey uphill takes about half an hour, with passengers changing cars at the mid-point station. The train may stop at other intermediate stations upon request. Unlike the previous train service, today, the new train does not require passengers to change trains half way up. Passengers will have non-stop service in air conditioned Swiss-made coaches.

The Penang Hill railway has been operating since 1923, providing 87 years of service until today. In 1977 new cars were provided, before the most recent upgrade starting February 2010. New cars were purchased to increase the passenger capacity as well as the speed of the train. Today it is capable of carrying up to 100 passengers at one go, and the train runs every half hour from 6.30am to 9pm daily.

For Malaysian:
Adult: RM 8 per adult
Children: RM 4 (age 7-12) per child
Senior Citizen: RM 4 per person
Monthly Pass: RM 24 (for resident on the hill)
Disabled Person Free (with OKU card)

For Foreign Tourists:
Adult: RM 30 per adult
Children: RM 15 (age 7-12) per child

Article by Cheryl Tan
Photos by Nikko Tan


I remember Penang cable car,
the scenes are very nice!

I can't see your pictures,
are you updating your blog layout?

Hi Rafael, I did not update the blog layout. Which pictures do you mean that you're not able to view?

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