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May 31, 2011

A pampering treat at Araminth Spa Bali

This was back when my hair was still black. We were in Lovina, Bali, at the Kalibukbuk area. After days of travelling around and highly exposed to the sun, I decided to pamper myself a bit before going home on the next day. If you've been to Lovina, you'll understand how rural it is compare to Ubud, or worse, compare to Kuta. So I asked our driver to suggest where we should go for spa, and he recommended Araminth Spa.

In a lush tropical garden within the ancient Balinese palace grounds of Puri Ayudhya, in the heart of Lovina, reposes a haven for well-being: Araminth Spa.

The Spa offers four treatment rooms, spacious oval bath tubs for Mandi Lulur / tropical flower baths.
A relaxing garden-Gazebo, Lounge, and leisure rooms invite you to rest and enjoy complementary fruit drinks and health juices.
Araminth Spa is in walking distance from the Lovina Beach, in a small road (Jalan Mawar) leading to the beach. Tugged away from traffic, but yet close to main road Lovina and the main junction (traffic light Lovina).

“Aruna Centre”, 1 km from Araminth Spa on a hill plateau overlooking Lovina Bay is your garden Eden for your “Wellness Week”.

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 01

At the reception. We booked quite last minute and they've run out of masseurs for the day... But in order to not turn us down, the staff called for additional masseurs off duty on that day to serve us. How thoughtful.. However we waited for an hour though, as the fresh flowers for flower bath were also used out.

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 03

Spa products and scrubs! How I love them!

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 02

I bought some home, couldn't resist the scent of the chocolate scrub and coffee scrub. :P

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 04

Wide range of aroma therapeutic oil.

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 05

Stone sculpture, very common in Bali.

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 06

Combination of flowers and scented oil. This made me feel so soothed...

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 07

While waiting for our masseurs to arrive, I checked out the products that they use, almost all on the reception desk. What to do, they smell so damn good. If I could bring them all home, I would... just the matter of over sized baggage... and $$$$$$....

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 08

Feel free to check out the massage & treatment programs available before you go. This may help a lot in decision making as everything looks so "intensive" at a glance. To be frank, I almost didn't know how to choose if I need to decide on the spot. Luckily I had some time before our masseurs attended to us.

Body massage.
1. BALINESE TRADITIONAL MASSAGE ( 60 minutes ) IDR 150.000
Relaxing traditional massage of Bali that uses rolling, long strokes, and finger and palm pressure. Applied with oil.

2. ARAMINTH MASSAGE ( 60 minutes ) IDR 200.000
One hour of deep, rebalancing massage to reduce tensions and stress in body and mind. Neck release, shoulder, back pain release and a thorough foot massage. A combination of traditional Balinese Massage and Modern Body Work. Finishing touch : foot massage within a bowl of warm water.

3. WELLBEING MASSAGE ( 1.5 Hours ) IDR 350.000
A most relaxing and healing treatment, applied with selected oils and aroma Essences, with the intention to open the body’s natural flow of energy. A combination of eastern and western body treatment. Back and front Massage on the massage table, and sitting position you enjoy a head and Shoulder massage while your feet are soaked in a flower bath, finished with a gentle foot massage to revitalize your whole body.

4. AYURVEDIC MASSAGE ( 2 Hours ) IDR 400.000
Massage performend by one or more therapists directly on the skin to loosen the excess doshas promotes circulation, in creases flexibility, and relieves pain and stiffness. A Complete treatment, with the application of specific warm herbal oils.

5. ANTI STRESS MASSAGE ( 30 minutes ) IDR 150.000
Typically a 30 minutes introductory massage or one for those with limited time and who suffer from high levels of stress. Focuses on tension areas such as the back, face, neck, and shoulders.

6. LOMI LOMI MASSAGE ( 60 minutes ) IDR 200.000
Massage originating in Hawaii that uses the forearms and elbows, rhythmical rocking movements, and long and broad strokes.

7. SHIATSU ( 60 minutes ) IDR 200.000
Massage that uses finger pressure and also that hands, fore arms, elbows, knees, and feet, on acupoints. Calms and relaxes. The massage is oil free.

8. SWEDISH MASSAGE ( 60 minutes ) IDR 200.000
Massage in which oils are applied to the body with techniques such as gliding, kneading, rubbing, tapping, and shaking, relieves stress, tension and muscle pain, improves circulation, in creases flexibility and induces relaxation.

9. THAI MASSAGE ( 1.5 Hours ) IDR 280.000
Traditional massage of Thailand, influenced by Chinese and Indian healing arts, that involves a combination of streatching and gentle rocking, and uses a range of motions and acupressure techniques. The massage is oil free, and performend on a traditional thai mattress on the floor, loose pajamas are worn.

10. REFLEXOLOGY ( 45 minutes ) IDR 150.000
Application of finger, point pressure to reflex zones on the feet, and to a lesser Extent, hands, to improve circulation, ease pain. Relax the body and re establish The flow of energy through the body, its underlying theory is that specific areas on the feet and hands correspond with specific body parts, organs and glands, and that the manipulation of specific areas can bring about change associated with the corresponding parts.

11. WARM STONE MASSAGE ( 1.5 Hours ) IDR 250.000
Massage where warmed smooth stones are rubbed in long, flowing strokes on to the oiled
body, then placed on energy points to ease a way tension. also known as hot stone massage or a stone therapy.

Body treatment.
1. ANTI CELLULITE TREATMENT ( 30 minutes ) IDR 150.000
Treatment that contours the body and reduces cellulite at various parts of the body.

For soothing effects on the pain and sore areas of your body. Application of natural herbs, fresh prepared, called "BOREH". Boreh Arak for Rheumatism, Respiratory system disorders, muscle pain. Boreh Kunyit, a mixture of root powder for blood circulation, skin and Muscles.
First you get a whole body massage, while the therapist focuses on painful areas, and applies a fresh made herbal paste to be rubbed onto the area a variety of natural products from Bali, freshly processed.

3. MANDI LULUR ( 2 Hours ) IDR 300.000
The Balinese "Classic" stars with an Araminth whole body massage and a deep body scrub (spices and yellow rice flour). All of your skin is treated and cleansed, and later rinsed in a luscious, comforting warm bath with Balinese Flowers, to be completed with the application of natural body lotion.

4. MANDI REMPAH ( 2 Hours ) IDR 350.000
The traditional Indonesian "Spice Bath" start with a relaxing Araminth Massage, followed by an aromatic herbal scrub, and a soothing herbal bath With local spices. Finished by the application of natural body lotion.

5. BALINESE COFFEE SCRUB ( 2 Hours ) IDR 300.000
A special Balinese coffee body exfoliate stimulastes, refreshes and removes Dead skin cells and leaves leaving skin clean and smooth. Start with a Balinese Massage and exfoliating scrub in which finely ground Balinese coffee beans are applied to the skin.

Beauty & Hair treatment.
1. FACIAL (1 Hour) IDR 150.000
Treatment that cleanses and improves the complexion of the face using product that best suit specific skin type. Face cleansing eith tonic massage, facial herb scrub, face mask and softening lotion. A Deep dermatological cleansing of your skin.

ONE DAY PACKAGE ( 5 Hours ) IDR 1.500.000
The day Package begins with an Araminth massage Full Body massage, enriched with a synthesis of Eastern and Western techniques ( Rebalancing, Acupressure, Californian, Balinese ). Feel the refreshing ingredients of the body scrub cleaning and vitalizing your skin, followed by a "FACIAL" deep face cleaning. Soothing and refreshing fresh juices and herbal teas are served while for a final touch, you will enjoy a Balinese "HEAD & HAIR" Treatment.

We were served with ginger tea after the spa treatment, probably to get rid of the "wind" and warm the body after the spa session. In Indonesia, ginger (jahe in Indonesian) is used as a herbal preparation to reduce fatigue, reducing "winds" in the blood, prevent and cure rheumatism and control poor dietary habits.

Araminth Spa Bali (Kalibukbuk Lovina) 09

Leaving the spa and checked back on the website only to find that they offer "Wellness Week"..

Day Packages and "Wellness Week"
To fully enjoy the benefits of our healing treatments in a tranquil environment, we offer you "Aruna Centre" – a place of peace and beauty, in tropical nature with splendid views over Lovina Bay and the North Coast.

Facilities include:
- 5 double/ single rooms with en-suite bathrooms in separate buildings around a spacious swimming pool.
- Dining hall and veranda with open view over the ocean.
- Healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals prepared at “Aruna”.
- Flatscreen TV with international channels.
- Treatments at “Aruna Centre”.
- Soothing and refreshing health-juices are complimentary during your stay at Aruna Centre.

Accommodation in double room: US$29 / in single room US$45
Accommodation and 3 meals: US$ 42 per person. (single occupancy US$54)

 1200m2 tropical garden, swimming pool, Gazebo and parking

Jalan Mawar No. 1 Kalibukbuk Lovina - Bali

Tel: +62 362 41901 / +62 8123844655


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