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May 9, 2011

GeorgeTown White Coffee @ Komtar Walk, Penang

Princess Cheryl's thought of the day:- This is a scheduled post. I'm sorry that I've not been spending much time for the updates. Been eating a lot but just no time to update.. What to do.. so little time but I need to rush for so many things.. shifting house, wedding stuff, work, blah blah blah... and I need to say I have to reject one food review invitation, sorry Jacgy.. But stay tune, more food review coming up! Gosh... since when I become a flogger?

George Town Penang was formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2008. The origin of setting up this restaurant was in conjunction with the celebration of this recognition, as derived by the founder. The first outlet was of course in Penang, and they have 6 outlets around Peninsula Malaysia today.

George Town White Coffee 01

The Komtar Walk outlet. Comfortable ambience with soft music and cozy environment. Good place for chilling out after shopping done at Pacific Komtar or Prangin Mall. ;)

George Town White Coffee 02

Here you can find almost all the traditional famous Penang hawker foods as well as their regionally grown white coffee. You get the chance to try out some supreme local delights.

George Town White Coffee 03

B01 GeorgeTown White Coffee and B08 GeorgeTown White Milk Tea.

George Town White Coffee 04

R03 GeorgeTown Curry Chicken with Rice.
Plain rice served with a bowl of curry chicken with potatoes, cucumber and tomato.

George Town White Coffee 05

R04 GeorgeTown Curry Special with Rice (Long Bean, Cockles & Prawn).
Curry combination of prawns, long bean, cockles, bean curd, and egg plant served with plain rice and cucumber.

George Town White Coffee 06

R06 Teochew Porridge Set.
A bowl of plain rice porridge served with fried dace, salted egg, pickled lettuce, crispy anchovies and peanuts.

George Town White Coffee 07

For more of the menu, you can browse through their copy in the website.

My Rank: 3/5

Lot 8, Komtar Walk,
10000 Georgetown Penang.
For other outlets, refer here.

Tel : 604 - 261 6699
Fax : 604 - 261 8699

Website: http://www.georgetownwhitecoffee.com.my


First time going to Georgetown White Coffee today and frankly speaking, it would be my last time ever going there. Will surely tell the rest of my friends never to go there either.

1. Had to wait 10 minutes before the staff came by to ask us anything.
2. Had to waive my hands all over the place despite having a "Bell" for service.
3. Ordered 3 plates of Fried Rice but only got 1 instead of 3 and the best part is that it was horrible. Asked how to write it on the order sheet but nobody knows. Guess it must be rocket science.
4. Fried Rice came with only a FORK. Eat Fried Rice with a fork? Asked for a spoon and got a blank stare from the waiter (obviously not from Malaysia). Took more than 5 minutes for them to get us a spoon.
5. Asked to speak to a Manager who only came out after more than 7 minutes waiting. When he came out, again it was another foreigner. Couldn't understand a thing he was trying to say. Asked for his boss and he said there's none.

After the ordeal and getting really embarrassed because of the bad service and all in front of my guests, I left without paying and left my number and name to have his manager or boss call me.

Got a call from this so called "Mr William" (one of the Directors) who demanded that I paid no matter what the case which I agreed to but only to their corporate office.

So right now I am writing out a Cheque to be sent to their Corporate office for the amount of RM21.60 so settle my outstanding bill. Only word from the Director is that he'll improve in future and he regret having this problem.

Hmmm... future? I don't really think there's much more of a future for Georgetown White Coffee. Good luck in the business. LOL.

Points to Consider:
- Useless Staff who doesn't understand English or Bahasa Malaysia
- Lousy Customer Service
- If you order more than 1 of anything, you'll get less than that
- Director who will call you up, ask the problem and demand RM21.60 from the customer.

Went to EDEN after that, ate there for RM2xx.xx and paid in full on the spot and was totally happy!

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