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May 24, 2011

Air Itam Duck Rice - Craving for duck rice in the midnight!

If you think food blogger shouldn't be slim... HELLO!! I still eat in the midnight okay!!

Introducing the legendary Air Itam Duck Rice!! Legendary as of its business hour. Yes, business starts right in the midnight, to be exact, 11pm. You hear me? 11PM, not 11AM.

air itam famous duck rice 01

The price may be higher than the usual, but that's still consider reasonable if you want good food at 2am.

air itam famous duck rice 02

Ordered a dish of portion for 3. Too bad the duck had already sold out. Left only the Lou Mei (卤味). (T_T)
But exceptionally juicy and delicious. Simply one of the best Lou Mei I can find in Penang. Even the Cantonese from Ipoh also find it lip smacking (Ipoh-mali are very particular on food).

air itam famous duck rice 03

My Rank: 5/5 (thumbs up up up for those who fancy Lou Mei!)

Air Itam Market
11500 Air Itam


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