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April 27, 2011

Water Drop Tea House Penang 滴水坊 - Vegetarian food in the Penang Heritage Area

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 02

Have you ever think of having your high tea at somewhere serene and with the go-green concept, or perhaps some vegetarian or organic food? Next time when you go around the George Town Heritage area, consider to drop by at Water Drop Tea House for some organic drinks or the Fried Sesame Bao (bun). Believe or not, they serve the best sesame bao ever! I've always heard about how good their fried sesame bao is until I was brought by baby to this tea house in one of the weekends. Then I fell in love with it! =)

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 03

Water Drop Tea House is located at Lebuh Penang, where the T-junction of Lebuh Union and Lebuh Penang is met. If you come from Lebuh Pantai where the main street of banks are located, turn into the junction when you see Standard Chartered bank, after the turn you will see Maybank on your left. Try to find a parking space as soon as you see Maybank, there is always limited parking lots at that area.

water drop tea house 滴水坊 map

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 01

The interior of the tea house. Serene and cozy, perfect for afternoon tea.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 04

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 05

There is even a little courtyard in the middle of the tea house, with hanging plants.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 06

Books on the shelf, mostly for sale.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 07

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 08

The menu listed daily servings, not exactly the same menu everyday for main course. But there are also some dishes and snacks available daily. It's self-service ordering system here, you mark your orders on the menu and then place order at the counter. After you pay, the staff will send your order to you.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 10

Our order: Nutmeg juice 豆蔻汁 and Black Soya Bean 黑豆漿

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 11


Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 12

Red Mee Sua 紅粷麵綫
I like this one very much, but maybe some people might find the taste weird.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 13

Enjoy sipping my black soya bean.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 15

And my red mee sua. Some artistic shot by baby. Commercial ads? Hahha...

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 14

Then came the highlight of my high tea - Fried Sesame Bao 芝麻煎包
Always allow a little longer time for preparation of the bao. See how generous is the topping of sesame... yummy yummy~ Crunchy from the outside, soft and juicy inside, you might even think that you are having Char Siew Bao, the filling is so aromatic.

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 17

All of the profit of this teahouse is used for monasteries and charitable purposes. So whatever you spent here is going to help someone out there. Isn't that great?

Water Drop Tea House 滴水坊 16

My Rank: 4.5/5
(very high rank for Vegetarian restaurant as everything is equally delicious, do remember to order Fried Sesame Bao, available for dine-in and take-away)

16 Penang Street,
Georgetown, 10200 Penang

Tel: 04-2636300

Opening hours :
Tue - Fri : 9am - 5pm
Sat & Sun : 9am - 3pm
Closed on Mondays


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