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April 19, 2011

Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat Buffet @ Straits Quay Penang

Now I realize that most of my posts on food review are the restaurants in Straits Quay. The Charlie Brown Cafe post had burst my blog traffic in just 3 hours today! YES, IN JUST 3 HOURS.

In the strips when Snoopy created some disaster and when the others yelled at him, he would always ask, "Why me??"


Now I love your dog Charlie Brown. =)

Now another post which is also related to Straits Quay - Ding Charcoal BBQ and steamboat buffet.
The restaurant is located at the same floor with Charlie Brown Cafe. You can easily recognize it from afar. It's so red!!

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 01

The interior. Also as red as the exterior.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 02

They provide 2 hobs, one for BBQ and the other one for steamboat.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 03

Using kanban belt to transport food. Similar to Lolipot.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 04

The utensils are more oriental style. Black utensils to create contrast to the red walls.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 05

Now that the charcoal and soups are filled, we're ready to do the BBQ marathon. Wuahahah....

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 06

I was sitting right beside the kanban belt, so my responsibility was informing the gang when something new passed by and grab those we want as fast as possible. There are other tables right opposite ours across the conveyor so at times you just got to be fast.

The fast and furious....

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 07

My favorite. Kapa or lala (seashell type).

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 08

Marathon started.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 09

Then came the beef, mutton and pork. The pork slices are the belly meat (五花腩)and no doubt it's greasy but we love it. If you BBQ it with some garlic oil, you will never have enough of it. I made a lot of those. Hands were greasy so didn't snap much photo.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 10

Then came the crab.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 12

And the cray fish.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 13

Throw everything in. Those shells were mine.

Ding Charcoal Straits Quay 11

I was enjoying making BBQ wraps (belly meat wrapping enoki mushrooms) while the others were busy flipping meat on the BBQ net. So we were all having greasy hands and I decided to keep my DSLR and focus on eating. After all that's eat all you can, so basically you've got the idea of what they serve... poultry, seafood and vegetables, plus refillable drinks with a few choices, and eat-all-you-can ice-cream as dessert.

Thanks to the special BBQ machine used, we didn't smell like a grill meat ourselves after 2.5 hours in there. But one thing I don't really like is the seating, not so comfortable for me. It's meant for 4 pax per table (comfortable seating) but we have 6 per table so I need to squeeze to the side throughout that 2.5 hours.

My Rank: 3.5/5

Lot 3A -1 –11, Straits Quay
Seri Tanjung, Penang

Tel: 04-899 7829

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/people/Ding-Cbbq/100002032178470


May i know how much it costs?
Im interested in going there.
thank you

It's RM42.80/pax if not mistaken.

Hmm, I think i will never visit this kind of restaurant with the bad service and attitude i met. Very disappointed that Strait Quay have this kind of low standard restaurant...

Hi Anonymous, sorry to hear that. You should complaint to the restaurant management when you receive bad service anytime anywhere. That's consumers' right and that's what we used to do.

Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat Buffet - very bad experience with rude attitude management and esp the owner (fat tall guy + thin round eye lady).

Sigh! waste of energy talking to rascal restaurant owner. Very arrogant,rude and loud with foul hokkien language.Dun ruin your day or your family day there.
There are many more good places in penang to eat. Many have complain the rudeness of the owner to customers.

Due to very poor reviews from the public who had visited and had bad experiences, consumers should think twice before dining at this restaurant..

what is the business time?

★☆☆☆☆ Bad service! Ask us to get out from the shop if we not satisfied with the service. We just asked help from him n the waiter showed us his temper n asked us get out from his shop. This is the 1st time we met this kind of service. R we beggar? We r not! We paid for this kind of services? What the fuck! There's no more the 2nd time to this shop. Bad service!

Been to Straits Quay few days back and I think their business is getting worse. Probably due to bad service and a lot of complaints.

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