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April 12, 2011

Blue Reef Fish & Chips Penang Straits Quay - best fish & chips in town

Somewhere worth dine-in at the new happening Straits Quay -- Blue Reef Fish & Chips.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 08

We were there attending an important person's farewell dinner, and gosh... what a big group we had!

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 03

So in order to ensure there's enough space to allocate the engineering dudes and babes, we made reservation up front, opting for the Weekday Set Dinner which costs RM45+ per pax.

Fresh Garden Salad

Choice of Main Course
Signature Fish & Chips
(Garoupa in Traditional Beer Batter or Bread Crumbs)
Chicken Skewer
Smoked Salmon Linguini in Cream Sauce

crème Brulee

Free Flow Iced Lemon Tea

There's a fake aquarium on the wall that apparently enhances the whole environment so much. I love the blue lighting, it sooths your emotion while eating. But of course it's not working this time because we have 30+ in a big gang and I couldn't even hear who's talking to who (too noisy....).

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 10

Malt Vinegar, goes good with the Fish & Chips. If you like it a bit sour and tangy.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 01

A few of us were late.. =( Thanks dude! Always 'on' time.
Here's the soup of the day. (Should be replacing the Garden Salad)

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 02

Smoked Salmon Linguini in Cream Sauce.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 04

Signature Fish & Chips (Garoupa in Traditional Beer Batter). I missed the photo of the Garoupa in Bread Crumbs.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 05

Chicken Skewer.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 06

And crème Brulee as dessert. crème Brulee is getting more popular nowadays.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 07

More crème Brulee choices, Vanilla and Chocolate. I'll try next time.

Blue Reef Fish & Chips 09

My Rank: 4/5


Straits Quay, 3A-G-20, Block A, Ground Floor,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong,
Penang, 10470, Malaysia.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am-10:00 pm

Email: bluereef.fnc@gmai.com
Phone: 016 4059182

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bluereef.fnc?sk=wall#!/bluereef.fnc?sk=app_4949752878


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