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March 4, 2011

我的孤单北半球 - Hong Kong Transit

Never expect that the sky is so gloomy in Hong Kong.
Like haze everywhere...?? Or is it fog?
Waiting at the transit area now. And a lady beside me is crying because she couldn't get a ticket to Nanchang from HK. Lots of China residents around, it feels like I'm in China more than in HK.
The world has changed a lot.
Now HKD has lost its value, RMB is well ahead, it was still just like yesterday when it's the other way round.
Same as USD... so does it indicate that I should do more shopping this round?

Stomach growling.. logging off to search for Hui Lau Shan dessert Mc Cafe.
Charging up, it's brunch time!
Heck.. another 12 hours flight to San Jose...
So bored to fly alone.


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