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March 29, 2011

Chow Chow in da house!

princess & momo 2

Visitor in my house - MoMo 毛毛
She's the most teddy-bear like dog I've ever liked -- CHOW CHOW!!
The only breed of dog that I love since small, because it's the most bear-like creature I can have... we can't rear a bear ma.. I'm always fond of bears~~
Gonna be guarding her temporarily for now.

momo 1

She's currently in hibernating mode.... and snoring.
Not kidding, SHE SNORES.
Oh I love her paws! So cute! Like a bear too.

momo 2

You know what.
Tonight is the first time ever in FB that I receive such quick responses after I posted a photo. That's her.


wa, i want that dog too!!!

I realize this dog is irresistable. =)
Too cute!

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