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February 15, 2011

The Princess Wedding Diaries - 14th Feb 2011

First page of wedding diaries... keeping track of the "royal wedding" as time goes by....

We signed up our wedding package with Aspial Wedding. It was all by a quirk of fate, without doing any comparison with any other bridal galleries, we paid for the package, exactly 1 week after the proposal. There are things that you cannot judge by $$$, that's the right feeling of doing something, especially when it's something related to artistic. That's me! If the feeling is right, and you're afford to pay, that's God's grace to save your energy and time for other things. =)

Some of my friends and colleagues definitely would not agree with the way I deal with the wedding package... I'm not surprised, because I kinda always surprise people with things I do. Perhaps I'm odd to them. Hahah.. However I think the outcome that I achieve without doing much comparison to get something at most of the time turned out to be fruitful too. That's why I think I didn't lose anything, most importantly, priceless TIME and PETROL. Another thing is, minimize chances of confusing ourselves, also minimizing arguments. That's quite true for some couples.

Friends around were very helpful in giving advise in venue booking and selection. In fact, I think they're even more concerned than me. Almost everyone of them who's married told the same story - book AS EARLY AS 1 YEAR BEFORE wedding date. Anyhow the venue has been fixed, now only pending other stuffs such as food tasting, food selection.

13th Feb (yesterday) we went for gown selection, 3 hours and finally done. 1 white, 1 ivory, 1 champagne, 1 yellow, 1 peach, 1 red and 1 green. Sounds a bit odd the colors? But I looked good in them, so I picked those. Photography session rescheduled again... because we both kind of having heavy business trips recently. Luckily still have time to celebrate Valentine's today before he's off to business trip again tomorrow..

Happy Valentine's Day!


happy belated valentine's day to you.

Congrats and happy valentine's day to u...
If u plan for ur wedding and need photographer for ur actual day...
may give a visit for this website :)


Just for ur reference, hope u dun mind.. thanks.. ^^

Yvon S: Happy belated Valentine's to you too! I hope you enjoyed yours.

HANA: Of course I don't mind. Thanks for providing me with another option to choose from. :) I quite like their work. Thanks again.

Anyone else who has recommendations please let me know ya. ~

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