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January 25, 2011

Colmar Tropicale at night & dinner at Le Poule Roti

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After dark we left the room for dinner. The lights were on, and this French Village had turned into a Christmas Town! At a quick glance it does look like Christmas Town to me, with stretch of light bulbs hanging across the street, from one building to another.. And I'm glad it was not crowded at all! Maybe most people would prefer to just spend an afternoon here, but not overnight. So it felt like the whole place was ours, just us!

Colmar Tropicale 34

Colmar Tropicale 35

I wanted to sit at this fountain in the afternoon but it was sizzling hot.
Further more there were too many people too, I just don't like to squeeze.
Now it's all mine... muahahhaha~

Colmar Tropicale 36

Initially I thought we will go for dinner at Ryo Zan Tei restaurant, but since we've had our high tea there, I'd rather try something else. There are plenty of dining place in Colmar Tropicale, all under the same management, so it's just the matter of choice. Price? Forget about it, equally cheap/expensive.

As I wanted to stay near to the fountain and watch live performance while dining, I chose to eat at Le Poule Roti. It's serving western food.

Colmar Tropicale 39

Colmar Tropicale 37

Colmar Tropicale 38

My hair became so big and fluffy (forgot to bring own hair dryer) that I need to tie up...

Colmar Tropicale 40

After dinner. Went for a walk around the castle. Night view of the enchanted castle. And then it started to drizzle.

Colmar Tropicale 41

Couldn't stand the freezing wind blowing on my skin. I didn't bring my sweater together, left in the room. So we went back indoor to seek for entertainment. Everywhere else was so quiet. Same as the lobby. Maybe it's a Sunday night.

Colmar Tropicale 42

We went up to the tower again. Last picture before the billiard game at the bar.

Colmar Tropicale 43

Not gonna share the "I DO" part and how I got the Hearts & Arrows from baby. But this was indeed the greatest surprised birthday getaway in my life! *wink~wink*


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