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December 23, 2010

Ryan's Gourmet - Western, Italian, authentic Thai and local delights

I get to know about Ryan's Gourmet through MyDeal.com.my. I knew it's worth a try, and MUST try when you only have to pay RM10 for a 5 course Western Set Meal!! (Normal price RM17.50 for lunch or dinner dine in, not expensive though.

Ryan's Gourmet 01

This cozy restaurant is conveniently located at Farquhar Street (MWE Plaza), if the street name puzzles you, probably you're more familiar with where Bayview Hotel is, or Slippery Senoritas, or MOIS. Ryan's Gourmet is just steps away from The Garage building and also Bayview Hotel. Probably you can eat there after visiting Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion too, just somewhere opposite across the street.

Ryan's Gourmet 02

Here's what our 5 Course Western Set Meal includes:
1. Soup
2. Salad

Ryan's Gourmet 05

Ryan's Gourmet 06

3. Main (we ordered 3 different main course out of 5 choices)
◦Chicken Teriyaki with Rice
◦Vegetarian Spaghetti

◦Chicken Chop
Ryan's Gourmet 08

◦Fish & Chips
Ryan's Gourmet 07

◦Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Caper Sauce (this looks like fine dining!!)
Ryan's Gourmet 09

4. Drink:
◦Lemon Tea
◦Lemon Tea
◦Lime Juice

Ryan's Gourmet 03

5. Dessert

Ryan's Gourmet 10

Basically it's too worthwhile to pay ONLY RM10 for this set meal, although next time I need to pay RM17.50 because the promotion is over (I hope they offer other sets again @ MyDeal.com.my). I'm going to dine in again, the food is good, and I guess this is what I'm going to try next time -- Ryan's Roast Beef Thai Style, it looks delicious~

Ryan's Gourmet 04

More over -- it’s a Wifi Zone! The environment is OK to me, because it's not noisy and I don't feel like eating in a typical local restaurant here, feels more like going on a holiday.

I see they offer special Holiday Set Meal too, with a glass of wine on top of the set meal. Price is reasonable. So you may give it a try on X-mas or New Year Eve.

My rank: 3.5/5

Ground Floor of MWE Plaza,
No. 8, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Tel: 04- 263 1611

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thursday : 9am to 2am
Friday - Saturday : 9am to 3am
Sunday : 9am to 2am

More info? Visit their FB.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Penang-Malaysia/Ryans-Gourmet/179390038436


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