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November 30, 2010

Short vacation 。Langkawi here I come 。again~

I always think that Langkawi is a place for all purposes - romantic getaway, family gathering, friends outing, and even ecotourism. I think that I'm addicted to visiting Langkawi because in just 3 years, I've been there for 3 times.. I know it's not really THAT frequent, maybe some other people do it even more frequently.

I just like being there, everything is just as calm.

Eat, play, love.

And I don't mind to get drunk in Langkawi.

Langkawi getaway 1

The cable car had earned enough from me... my third time up there.

Langkawi getaway 3

Mesmerizing at Pantai Cenang behind our chalet.

Langkawi getaway 4

Langkawi getaway 5

Went on another mangrove tour.

Langkawi getaway 7

Visited Tun Mahathir's Galleria Perdana.

Langkawi getaway 8

Langkawi getaway 9

Enjoying the sea breeze, sitting by the river bank at Dataran Lang.

Langkawi getaway 10

Just be there... to find almost any type of liquor.

Langkawi getaway 11

Langkawi getaway 12

And... I love Glenfiddich!! One more please?

Langkawi getaway 6


been to langkawi b4..~ cool! nice photos... i think i aslo dslr for my travel blog...hahahaia

love the capture, nice shot!!

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