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November 30, 2010

Hidden Gem of Penang Island - Pantai Kerachut (Part II)

(...continue from previous post)

I love this scenic sunset at the jetty!

Pantai Kerachut 34

The after shower me. It's getting darker and without DSLR images are not that attractive anymore at night... I didn't want to turn on the flash as I'd no longer able to capture the sunset color with myself right in front of the camera.

Pantai Kerachut 35

Foodie time at 7 something. Rice cooked with the Bunsen burner. The rest, mostly instantly good-to-eat processed food. Yet we had a big variety of food, few types of instant noodle, marinated stuffs for BBQ, loads of snacks and junk food, and beverages. Too hungry to snap more photos.

Pantai Kerachut 37

This is how dark it is at 8pm. I didn't see other campers around except us and another foreigner who seemed to have camped there for more than 1 week. Maybe he was there for research. Scary huh? Maybe can hold a Halloween party here. Will be interesting.

Pantai Kerachut 41

After dinner we went to the jetty for games. No more photos as I still haven't get them from our photographer.. I slept few hours on the wooden bridge, then moved to the tent because I really CANNOT tahan the mosquitoes!! (grumble)

x x x x x x x x x x

The very next morning I didn't manage to wake up during sunrise... WELL ANYWAY THERE WON'T BE ANY SUNRISE HERE ok.. You're at the North-West facing the sea. Remember the sunset? Unless you're at the Northern most or Southern most of the island then you can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset.

Now about the Turtle Hatchery. We took a left turn after coming out from our camp site. You will see signs of "Turtle Crossing" on the way. These are the exact places where you will find turtles coming to lay eggs during midnight, if you are lucky. I guess one of the reasons to off all the lights after 12am is not to scare away the turtles.

Pantai Kerachut 66

BLUE! BLUE! BLUE! I'm finding it hard to believe that I'm still in Penang... Compare it with the colors surrounding the Penang Bridge.

Pantai Kerachut 53

Here we are! At the turtle conservation center.

Pantai Kerachut 51

I like this!! Fence painted with stenciled design of turtles.

Pantai Kerachut 52

So looks like some Intel employees sponsored this tutle hatchery and sanctuary.

Pantai Kerachut 54

A little piece of information of biology:
"A sea turtle embryo develops inside of an eggshell that keeps it from drying out but allows for gas exchange. As development proceeds, the chorion and allantois fuse to form the chorioallantois membrane, whice facillitates embryonis "breathing"."

Pantai Kerachut 55

Behind this container...

Pantai Kerachut 57

OMG!! OMG!! Cute little turtles. These were just hatched not so long ago, waiting to be released back to the sea. Made me think of Sammy's Adventure.

Pantai Kerachut 56

Then we went into the center for more information and to see the illustrated hatching process.

Pantai Kerachut 58

Pantai Kerachut 59

Pantai Kerachut 60

Pantai Kerachut 61

Pantai Kerachut 62

Pantai Kerachut 63

Data logger for another batch of turtle eggs.

Pantai Kerachut 64

Pantai Kerachut 65

If my house has this view...

Pantai Kerachut 67

Finally it's time to go back. We were exhausted to hike back, we knew that we would be exhausted, so before we came yesterday, we have chartered a speedboat for the journey back. There are a few special spots to see if you're riding a speedboat back.

Pantai Kerachut 68

The "Turtle Rock". A fisherman's standing on its back.

Pantai Kerachut 69

The alligator head. Can you spot it?

Pantai Kerachut 70

So many people fishing on the rock. Cool.

Pantai Kerachut 71

Till then, we're back to the shoreline.

Pantai Kerachut 73

Next time if you have enough time, consider to depart early so that you can cover another spectacular spot as well -- The Light House (spot E). But that's another challenging task as you can see from the trail guide, it's not just next to Kerachut Beach.

Pantai Kerachut 05

-- end --


i did not know Penang got turtle santuary ?

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