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October 15, 2010

Bali at night

A lot of people actually think that Bali is like Pulau Redang!!??? I was really puzzled when people said to me, "Aiyo.. holiday in an island veli hot la... summore nothing to do one... When I went to Redang, so sien at night, only got seaside."


My friends also wondered how could I go to Bali twice within a year! Well, I was sort of pissed off when I went there the first trip due to some lousy arrangement by an agent (didn't manage to cover my itinerary, WTF!), but the second round I had a total change of perception on Bali -- I should really go back sometimes just for relaxing and just laze in the cafe, or go shopping~ Solely because this round we had a great arrangement by our friend who owns one of the biggest car rental company in Bali. (Why we neve knew that all the while??)

Alright I'll cut the craps and let's talk about the things we can do in Bali at night, besides locking yourself in your hotel room and sleep.


5 main things you can do at night in Bali.

(1) I guess this is where the Australians like the most besides surfing -- CLUBBING!!

Bali at night 3

(2) Get drunk! The weather in Bali is freaking hot and the FASTEST way to cool yourself down (as well to reduce body heat) is by drinking Bintang beer! Very cheap. Some people think the taste is awkward, but still okay for me. (I only drank isotonic drinks, avocado shake and beer throughout the meals...maybe only 10% pure H2O I guess.)

Bali at night 20

Bali at night 6

Bali at night 14

(3) Before you get drunk, go SHOPPING~ Or else you will end up with oversized baggage, burst credits, and out-of-cash. This is meant for babes who stays in Kuta/Legian area. It's a shopping heaven, you can get branded stuffs at low price too. So if you're drunk and you go shopping, probably you'll grab everything that comes into your sight.

Bali at night 4

Bali at night 5

Bali at night 7

Bali at night 15

Bali at night 16

Bali at night 18

See how big is Kuta shopping area!

(4) Feed on appetite. Try some local food, as well as international cuisine. I love spicy food, and I have no idea how much sambal mentah have I eaten... :P

Bali at night 9

(5) Spa and massage. Preferable to have one around evening before dinner. The shops in Bali are unlike those in Phuket, majority of the business ends after dinner time, maybe you can still find a few that operate till quite late. In Phuket you can still go for massage at midnight, just pick up the phone and call. Usually the spa or massage takes around 1-2 hours, so you can book your session to start around 5 or 6 something in the evening (nice pampering after the surfing lessons eh).

Bali at night 12

So seems like I should re-arrange the sequence a bit, it should go like:
Spa and massage - Dinner - Shopping - Clubbing - & Get drunk!

If you have more time, visit the Bomb Statue, or visit Hard Rock Cafe.

Bali at night 2

Bali at night 13

Story is totally different if you stay in Ubud. The above is applicable for Kuta/Legian area. In Ubud, you can go for traditional dance show after sunset - KECAK DANCE.

Bali at night 8

Then eat dinner.

And chill by the sawah padi (paddy field) until they close shop.

Bali at night 10

Bali at night 19

Bali at night 11

Very relaxing weather, so much cooler compare to Kuta/Legian. But most probably you still end up drunk. So just get drunk, and see bintang(star)~


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