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October 31, 2010

My luxurious stay @ Intercontinental Hotel Singapore

My most recent biz trip to Singapore. A big surprise for me... as I had no idea of where the hotel is and how luxurious it it before I enter the lobby. =) I got the Shophouse room, very Peranakan style. Take a tour through my lens. I didn't bring my DSLR along, just taken with my little Lumix.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 1

Jump around! Jump around! You can even have a party in the room! 2 double beds!

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 2

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 3

The bathroom. Classic style tiles. And even radio when you're showing or soaking in the bath tub.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 4

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 5

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 6

Even the bath and shower gels they provide Elemis. Leading brand in U.K. A luxurious one.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 7

And they have pillow menu. What is pillow menu???? You get to choose the type of pillow because they believe that a good night's sleep if very much affected by the pillow that you use. How thoughtful!

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 8

Very Chinese style drawers.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 11

The mini bar table. Different from the usual ones we see in a hotel right?

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 13

Does it look familiar to you? Yes, this is Bugis Junction. Great location for girls, because it's just right beside the shopping mall.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 14

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 15

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 16

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 17

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 18

Along the walkways you can see the collection of Peranakan items.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 19

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 20

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 22

Lastly the exterior. I arrived very late at night, so only manage to snap the exterior in the next morning.

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 25

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 27

Intercontinental Hotel Singapore 28

My opinion, this is a high end corporate hotel. Very satisfied with the hospitality and the concierge services. I arrived very late (almost midnight) and after check-in I was led by the receptionist to my doorsteps. First time that I received such good service out of so many biz trips I had.

For more info, here's the website of Intercontinental Hotel Singapore.

October 26, 2010

MOF の My Izakaya 居酒屋

Thought of the day: I've been a little lazy to update on travelogs lately. But I'm still posting for food review. Feels more like a food blog eh.. Food and travel. For work reason, I travel to Singapore quite often, few times a year maybe. So I started to realize weeks ago, that the most popular posts of my blog are actually related to Singapore!! (How could that be??!) But that's the truth, if you just look to the right on the sidebar, this is my most popular post - Jumbo Seafood @ Clarke Quay, followed by Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience. Looking at the statistics, I really think that not many people blog about Singapore food to my hometown Penang. So I should continue to write more on Singapore restaurants I guess. Much easier to compete for the ranking on search. That's why I'm posting again on Singapore today~

I normally go to Bugis area for food, and I discovered MOF の My Izakaya during my first biz trip 2 years back. It is located at the second floor of Bugis Junction. Environment is good, and I notice that many people come here for mini gathering and chit-chats. Despite the reasonable pricing, the quality of the food is also well controlled.

My Izakaya 2

Published below are the food that I had here. Forgot some of the names though..

Seafood Toji - fresh seafood cooked in soup, with egg.
My Izakaya 3

Tan-tan Ramen - Minced beef and pork ramen in spicy sesame soup.
My Izakaya 4

My Izakaya 5

Tempura. This is a bento, served with rice.
My Izakaya 7

Sashimi and sushi.
My Izakaya 8

My Izakaya 9

Hokkaido Gelato Ice Cream, made from fragrant and rich Hokkaido milk, with no chemical, preservatives & colourings additives. Green Tea with hokkaido red bean flavour is a MUST TRY. Yeah~ This one!
My Izakaya 6

Or maybe this. Also nice but I forgot the name. There are loads more variety of flavors.
My Izakaya 10

My rank: 4/5 (particularly the dessert!)
MOF の My Izakaya

Adress: #02-45 Bugis Junction, Victoria Street, Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6338 6466200
Nearest MRT: EW12 Bugis MRT
Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily (till 11pm Fri/Sat)

October 25, 2010

Kang Beef House 江祖传牛肉小镇

If you like beef, you must visit Kang Beef House. Especially the Penangites. We're definitely living in the gourmet heaven. Posted below are basically what I always order. I personally love the claypot beef soup the most.

kang beef house 1

Menu (sorry for the low resolution pics..)

kang beef house 2

Claypot Beef Soup

kang beef house 3

Herbal Beef Soup

kang beef house 4

Koay teow (dry)

kang beef house 5

My rank: 4/5

474, Jalan Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia, 11600
Tel: 604-2810892
Business hour:
Mon: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm; 4:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Wed - Sun: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm; 4:30 pm - 10:00 pm

More info? Visit their FB.

October 21, 2010

Eighteen Wine & Dine Krystal Point Penang

*Ceased operation.

Amazing food at fair prices. With the tagline of GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PEOPLE, EVERY TIME !

Eighteen food review 2

Eighteen food review 4

I always like places with cozy dining, and better if it's a bit romantic, but not crowded. That's why I like Eighteen! They have daily Set Lunch and Set Dinner are available at a very affordable price.

Set Dinner (RM23.80) come with soup of evening, dessert of evening, coffee and appertizer of evening.

Eighteen food review 1

Wide range of Western, Fusion and Contemporary Local fares to choose from for main course.

Eighteen food review 3

Clockwise: Appetizer of the evening, Cream of Wild Mushroom, Garlic Bread, Spicy Seafood Tomato Soup.

Eighteen food review 8

Carbonara (RM22)..with crispy beef bacon, cream sauce & parmesan cheese.

Eighteen food review 5

Roasted BBQ Chicken (RM20) ..served with mashed potato & sauteed vegetables.

Eighteen food review 6

And delicious all-you-can-eat ice cream!

Eighteen food review 7

Here's a quick glance of the set lunch and set dinner. For more information on Eighteen Wine & Dine, visit their website. You can even call for delivery! Maybe I should call for delivery one day, especially during bad mood at work and stuck in the office, more choices rather than just ordinary McD or KFC.

My rank: 4/5

Block 303-G-21, Krystal Point, Bayan Lepas, Penang, 11900 Malaysia


Tel: 604-646 6418

View Larger Map

October 18, 2010

Diaries of the Maid of Honor (18-Oct-10)

Chapter 10 - The dresses!

Aren't they lovely... Sis' and mine (and also KM and MT). =)
3 more weeks to go. Next week is hen's night. Still so much to be talked about. Love you girls! *Hearts*

October 15, 2010

Bali at night

A lot of people actually think that Bali is like Pulau Redang!!??? I was really puzzled when people said to me, "Aiyo.. holiday in an island veli hot la... summore nothing to do one... When I went to Redang, so sien at night, only got seaside."


My friends also wondered how could I go to Bali twice within a year! Well, I was sort of pissed off when I went there the first trip due to some lousy arrangement by an agent (didn't manage to cover my itinerary, WTF!), but the second round I had a total change of perception on Bali -- I should really go back sometimes just for relaxing and just laze in the cafe, or go shopping~ Solely because this round we had a great arrangement by our friend who owns one of the biggest car rental company in Bali. (Why we neve knew that all the while??)

Alright I'll cut the craps and let's talk about the things we can do in Bali at night, besides locking yourself in your hotel room and sleep.


5 main things you can do at night in Bali.

(1) I guess this is where the Australians like the most besides surfing -- CLUBBING!!

Bali at night 3

(2) Get drunk! The weather in Bali is freaking hot and the FASTEST way to cool yourself down (as well to reduce body heat) is by drinking Bintang beer! Very cheap. Some people think the taste is awkward, but still okay for me. (I only drank isotonic drinks, avocado shake and beer throughout the meals...maybe only 10% pure H2O I guess.)

Bali at night 20

Bali at night 6

Bali at night 14

(3) Before you get drunk, go SHOPPING~ Or else you will end up with oversized baggage, burst credits, and out-of-cash. This is meant for babes who stays in Kuta/Legian area. It's a shopping heaven, you can get branded stuffs at low price too. So if you're drunk and you go shopping, probably you'll grab everything that comes into your sight.

Bali at night 4

Bali at night 5

Bali at night 7

Bali at night 15

Bali at night 16

Bali at night 18

See how big is Kuta shopping area!

(4) Feed on appetite. Try some local food, as well as international cuisine. I love spicy food, and I have no idea how much sambal mentah have I eaten... :P

Bali at night 9

(5) Spa and massage. Preferable to have one around evening before dinner. The shops in Bali are unlike those in Phuket, majority of the business ends after dinner time, maybe you can still find a few that operate till quite late. In Phuket you can still go for massage at midnight, just pick up the phone and call. Usually the spa or massage takes around 1-2 hours, so you can book your session to start around 5 or 6 something in the evening (nice pampering after the surfing lessons eh).

Bali at night 12

So seems like I should re-arrange the sequence a bit, it should go like:
Spa and massage - Dinner - Shopping - Clubbing - & Get drunk!

If you have more time, visit the Bomb Statue, or visit Hard Rock Cafe.

Bali at night 2

Bali at night 13

Story is totally different if you stay in Ubud. The above is applicable for Kuta/Legian area. In Ubud, you can go for traditional dance show after sunset - KECAK DANCE.

Bali at night 8

Then eat dinner.

And chill by the sawah padi (paddy field) until they close shop.

Bali at night 10

Bali at night 19

Bali at night 11

Very relaxing weather, so much cooler compare to Kuta/Legian. But most probably you still end up drunk. So just get drunk, and see bintang(star)~

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