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August 31, 2010

Vietnam House @ Genting Highlands

If you are looking for a value meal (I mean real value, not the McD Value Meal) during your visit to Genting Highlands, be it for gambling trip to the Casino or family outing to the Theme Park or even honeymoon, I recommend you to try out an authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Vietnam House.


At the entrance, you have to cross a small bridge to pamper your taste buds. Follow me.


Bountiful lanterns and colorful decorations. Very Vietnamese, these are the Vietnamese lanterns you can get when you travel Vietnam.




Plenty to order from the menu. Reasonable price. That surprised me. At Genting Highlands, every meal costs at least RM10-15 per person. A proper meal yes, like a plate of rice plus a drink. I've tried fast foods and noodles or rice at a few of the food courts...and some taste sucks...for real. Once I had chicken rice and the chicken turned out to be...sort of stale. (><") Horrible... But not for Vietnam House, in fact having lunch here changed my perception of eating at Genting Highlands.



Great ambient too. I love the colorful reflections on the dining table. Better appetite.

Jackfruit chips as starters.


We ordered Vietnamese Filtered Coffee (Hot). Don't miss it if you're visiting any Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered with condensed milk while his was without. Vietnamese loves to drink very sweet coffee, when we travelled to Hanoi/Sapa last year, I've tried the authentic one... super sweet! So my Vietnamese friend told me, usually the condensed milk is about half the portion of that whole cuppa... yes, almost half, because the coffee is just like espresso, very strong yet little.



Two cuppa...



One of the must try Vietnamese dish - Phở with sliced beef. Served with silky smooth noodles, and condiments such as bean sprouts, lime, chilli and spring onions. This is my favorite dish when I was in Vietnam.


Coconut Curry Noodle – Coconut on fire!! Special isn't it. And it's yummy too, curry with vegetables and seafood, served together with the noodle.


Forgot what's the name of this dish (didn't jot down as I was busy eating my Phở). But my friend gave good comment too.


Vietnamese spring roll. Wrapped using rice paper.


****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

。。幕后花絮。。Behind the scenes 。。

My baby's favorite Vietnamese filtered coffee without condensed milk.


Me drinking Vietnamese filtered coffee with condensed milk. Not so sweet though, unlike the locally served in Vietnam's.




Playing with Jue's polaroid. I love it.


The product of Fujifilm's Instax Mini 7s. So cool.


****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******

My rank: 3.5/5

Vietnam House
Lot F/L2.26 Level 2,
First World Plaza,
Genting Highlands Resort,

Tel: +603 6101 2833
Fax: +603 6101 1933


The first two shots have a bit similar to Venitian Macau!
I've been Genting once at some years before and I didn't notice it!
Thanks for sharing!

Indeed it's similar to Venitian. The fake blue skies and the gondola. But it's earlier than Venitian. (^0^)

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