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August 16, 2010


出国第一章:韩国 (食物篇)


回到话题。韩国食物咧~ 流一流口水吧。

Korea food1_1

Korea food2_1

Korea food3_1

Korea food4_1

Korea food5_1

Korea food6_1

Korea food7_1

Korea food8_1

Korea food9_1

Korea food11_1

Korea food12_1

喔。。我好想念那味道。。。 何时可以再回到韩国呢?


Wow! So many nice Korean foods!
You went to many places and try many foods already le!

Re: I haven't been to Shanghai yet... ><

Oh! You must visit Shanghai once, will be great
because the China Pavilion in Expo will permanent
install there!
Of course you can see the beautiful Shanghai night!

Hey I like your Shanghai photos. China Pavilion...cool! When I went to Taejon (Korea) I visited the Expo Park, it was also one of the buildings that was installed permanently after World Expo. Hope to see another famous one which was built during Expo -- Eiffel Tower! (but need to wait long before I have $$ to do a Europe Tour).

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