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August 24, 2010

Phuket: A day out in Island Safari

I like elephants! I like almost all kinds of wildlife. But when I was so excited about going for an elephant trekking, one of my friends was reluctant to do so, because she was scared of furry things, and of course she's afraid of getting too close to animals. Howeve when we reached Island Safari, she changed her mind. =) So you see, gigantic elephants are cute afterall!

Elephant Trekking & Safari 1

It's always crazy to go for outdoor activities without sun shades. First activity of the day -- 4x4 safari jeep ride.

Elephant Trekking & Safari 2

Elephant Trekking & Safari 3

Finally we arrived at the river bank. That's our second canoe activities after the first one 2 days ago at Phang Nga Bay. This one was exciting, we didn't even have to paddle hard, basically the canoe was flowing with the tide. However we nearly missed catching the rope on the other long tail boat to go back to where we parked the jeep!

Elephant Trekking & Safari 4

And guess what... our friend's canoe was caught inside a whirl pool near the river bank. There was a broken bridge at the side and while they were paddling, their canoe went offside heading towards the bridge. Poor them as the water was flowing quite fast and they had to go against it to get out from there. What a mess.

When we got back to the Safari, and went for Ox-cart riding. There were lots of poo poo all over the ground... and the ox was peeing even it's walking! Stinky poo poo and pee pee...

Elephant trekking & Safari 23

Elephant trekking & Safari 24

The kampung boy.

Elephant trekking & Safari 25

Afte that was Thai cooking demonstration. Have some green papaya salad. Taste good.

Elephant trekking & Safari 26

Then we watched Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). I was quite disappointed when I knew that we wouldn't have enough time to watch Muay Thai during the visit because the first 3 nights we were enjoying food and massage. But this 'educational' demo was just in time as it's good enough to show how they fight (it doesn't matter lar...since no time to spectaculate a real fight).

Elephant Trekking & Safari 5

Elephant Trekking & Safari 6

Elephant Trekking & Safari 7

Elephant Trekking & Safari 8

Elephant Trekking & Safari 9

Elephant Trekking & Safari 10

Elephant Trekking & Safari 11

Finally came the elephant riding time! These giants are adorable too. But only they stink (all wildlife stinks, just accept that).

Elephant Trekking & Safari 12

Elephant Trekking & Safari 13

The "hairy porter" asking to be fed. Just pay for the bananas, they're not costly.

Elephant Trekking & Safari 14

So finally I was riding on the elephant! Bumpy roads up and down the hill. It was jerking as if you're excelerating and then braking frequently... good experience. Worst when it's going down hill...was a bit scary.

Elephant Trekking & Safari 115

Elephant Trekking & Safari 16

Elephant Trekking & Safari 17

Elephant Trekking & Safari 18

Elephant Trekking & Safari 19

Elephant Trekking & Safari 20

Elephant Trekking & Safari 21

After the ride we watched the baby elephant show. Meet the toddlers. They're not even a year old.

Elephant Trekking & Safari 22

Elephant trekking & Safari 27

Elephant trekking & Safari 28

Elephant trekking & Safari 30

Elephant trekking & Safari 29

Elephant trekking & Safari 30

Elephant NBA. He performs it everyday!

Elephant trekking & Safari 31

Elephant trekking & Safari 32

Or even football~ Goal Goal Goal.

Elephant trekking & Safari 33

Elephant trekking & Safari 34

How about a tonne of massage? I would say this is X-factor. Dare to give it a try?

Elephant trekking & Safari 35

Elephant trekking & Safari 36

Maybe enjoy a special massage for the guys. 'Treasure hunt'. Hahhaha... The keeper put a banana into his pants.

Elephant trekking & Safari 37

Last but not least, meet Miss World 2008, Samlee. The beauty queen loves shaking hands.

Elephant trekking & Safari 38

Monkey plucking coconut. Something special for the Caucasians but that's what we call it a day for the monkeys in the villages here in our country too.

Elephant trekking & Safari 39

In conclusion, don't miss the program. Spend a day out in the green with the animals. Or at least try the elephant ride. Like I did. I love it.



Your Phuket trip was great!
I like those elephants, they are so cute!

Exact, those elephants are so cute. This tour looks good! A lot of things to do! I really enjoy reading your post. Thanks for sharing 

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