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August 7, 2010

Madame Tussaud's @ The Peak

Updates: I've been invited as a guest blogger for OneTravel.com. Check out my first post here.

It had always taken me quite a while before I post about places that I visited, especially when there are loads of pictures... I mean really really a lot of pictures for only one place! Yeah..I'm talking about more than 100 pictures per post. o.0 And I don't feel like separating them into a few posts.. Nah..

And readers will feel frus when they have to wait for the pictures to load. Agree?

I'm not gonna talk much in this post as you'll be more interested to 'meet' the celebrities rather than reading the facts. So check out which celebrities who dated me in Hong Kong in spring. - My Date with the Celebs (Please click LIKE my FB page after you browsed the photos, support support Princess Cheryl lah)

Of course, Andy Lau was one of them. =)


I always need to upate my blog quickly after a trip, because I can't arrange the old pictures, too much...

I miss Madame Tussaud's, I had photos with all of them, haha!

Haha.. I have lots of photos too, but too little time to post (struggling..). The first time I went to Madame Tussaud's, I had photos with all of them; second time I felt like just wanna capture their photos without me inside, except for a few.

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