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August 13, 2010

A lifetime experience in the sinking island

What does it cost to be the Queen of a private island witha a luxury yacht in Maldives for 3 days?

Imagine for one moment walking along the white talc like beaches of your kingdom, under the warm azure sky, surrounded by tropical plants and coconut palms with only the fish and hermit crabs for company.

Cruise around the atoll in the "Rania" yacht, a majesty 86 foot Gulf Craft luxury cruiser, enjoy scrumptious culinary prepared by your personal Chefs, or soak in the outdoor whirlpool Jacuzzi on the bridge with your love one.

Then, perhaps a true Robinson Crusoe moment; a picnic on a deserted island before an amazing dive with your very own dive instructor or a spot of deep sea fishing to catch dinner before cruising home by way of the most amazing sunset found on earth.

Back on land; a massage and treatment to unwind - then with cuisine expertly prepared for you by your personal Chefs. Dinner will be underneath the stars at a different surprise venue every night created for you by your Butler and Mother Nature herself!

The island is all yours... Full privacy - the island, the butlers, the yacht, speedboat, dining anywhere- anytime and spa services, diving and island hopping and picnics at your own pace and time.

You get unlimited a la carte dining prepared by your personal Chef's taking into consideration your cuisine preferences and tastes – whenever and wherever you wish.

THE RANIA EXPERIENCE... my dream. At Faafu Atoll, Republic of Maldives.

Private, professional and personal… every aspect of your stay on Asia’s first and only exclusive Island Sanctuary with your very own private yacht is tailor made… just for you. Imagine - from top to bottom - the island, the home, the yacht, the staff, the privacy are all yours… and only yours!

Now guess the price...


It's in the World's most expensive resorts list since 2005.

How about a modest down payment on a home?

>(o.0")< Yes, 10 grand US Dollars per night. And minimum stay is 3 nights!!! And the rates actually range from $12,000 per day to $24,750 depending on time of year and number of guests.

In just 3 days, you spend a 100 grand Malaysian Ringgit. How many people can do that?

And will you do that if you have a 100 grand?


That's called once in a lifetime experience. =)

You can say I'm crazy. But we should have a dream to live on isn't it? I might achieve it one day. Who knows.

In the meantime, I'm still struggling to decide which atoll or which resort to pick for my honeymoon... All is way tooooo beautiful!!

Check this out. http://www.maldivesreviews.com/


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