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July 13, 2010

I do... YES I do

Update: Photos of Colmar Tropicale please click here.

I'm not gonna say much. Just wanna tell you all...


the proposal

And it all happened on my birthday when baby planned a birthday celebration at Colmar Tropicale. Everything feels like a fairy tale... Just look at the place.

colmar tropicale

May I be blessed with a blissful marriage.

I've not stopped receiving messages of "congratulations" now still... muackss heng tai and ji muis~



Sis! It's lovely. I'm really glad for you.

Finally ~ Congratulations!


btw i'll be in penang for my friend's wedding. wanna meet up?
i'll be staying in vistana hotel.

Thanks all! Am joining the C9 (师奶) group soon... hahahah

Axiao: When is that? :) Can go out yum cha if time allows.

reach pg this sat evening.
sunday morning fetch the bride, night is dinner.

i'll be back only on monday afternoon. but i guess u r working.

恭喜,恭喜,做幸福小女人吧 :)

Axiao: I think cannot liao... Monday working..

Spooi: =) Thanks!


Wow! Congratulations! ^.^

wow, 恭喜neh~哈哈

Congrats to you Cheryl! =)

haven't dropped by for awhile and so much has happened... CONGRATULATIONS!! from being bridesmaid to a to-be-bride!

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